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Augustine on the Canaanite Woman

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I have been looking for Augustine's sermon on the Canaanite woman so as to get additional insight into Matthew 15:21-28 and how it can be used in a homily or catechesis. I found not one but three.
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And Jerusalem will be Trampled Underfoot …

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...and Jerusalem will be trampled underfoot by the Gentiles until the time of the Gentiles is fulfilled...(Luke 21:24) Here is another one of those texts that Rapture-Churches think about and reflect upon as they scour the newspapers for signs that this ...
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Luke 18:1-8 in the Catechism

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Looking for possible homily themes on the Parable of the Widow and the Judge? The Catechism gives one a variety of possibilities. Luke 18:1-8 is referenced in some interesting paragraphs of the Catechism. Here is a run ...
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If Today You Hear His Voice…

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"If today you hear his voice, harden not your hearts..."
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Augustinian Friars in the News

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Augustinian Friars in the News
The Lancaster Diocese has a new bishop, and he is an Augustinian Friar:  the Rev. Michael Campbell, OSA.  He has been coadjutor bishop for the Diocese since March 2008. He takes over from Bishop Patrick O'Donohue who has retired.  More news ...
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Sentence Flows: Towards a More Objective Study of the Sacred Text

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A post at the Bible Workshop Forums simply illustrates the importance that an exercise such as the creation of Sentence Flows can contribute to a Bible study session in a cell group.  The post goes:
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Isaiah 35:4-7a is a prophetic oracle about the Peace that God will give to Israel at the time of its vindication. When the people who witnessed what Jesus did to the deaf-mute they said something that echoed this passage of ...

To Seek and Save What Was Lost

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Luke 19:1-10 may as well be one of those personal testimonies that found their way into a gospel. Who knows, perhaps, Zacchaeus, like Levi, may have been one of the talked about conversions in the history of the early ...
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Jesus Falls from a Bridge

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During these days I've had several opportunities to watch Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ." I kept wondering where he got the idea that the temple soldiers hit Jesus so hard that this latter fell down from a ...
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Waiting for the Message of the Synod

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Next Friday, it is hoped that the Message of the Synod will be made known. While we await the final document, Zenit and ScriptureSynod continue to publish updates on the ongoing providing us with the Inside Stuff as it were ...

Being a Priest

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One who calls himself arnold89  read my articles about the priesthood and asked me about the way I spend my day.  The question reminded me of a small book written by Leo Trese in which the author described his day ...
Fathers of the Church

On the Parable of the Two Sons

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For the parable of the two sons, we have two selections: one from the biblical scholar Jerome and another from St. Fulgentius of Ruspe.
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Minister of Word and Sacraments

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The priest, Augustine writes is "minister of the Word and the sacraments." The definition appears in two letters writtent on two different occassions. The first time the definition appears is in a letter he wrote to his bishop, ...

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