For the Feast of St. Augustine

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For the Feast of St. Augustine
I did an inventory of blogs available here on Augustiniana.  This is what I found:

Mystical Geekery from August to December 2011

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Mystical Geekery from August to December 2011
Here is an index of the articles I posted from the second half of August until now. I didn't post anything in November. The list of articles from January to the first half of August is found here. December A ...

The Mystical Geek’s Top Ten (October – November 2010)

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For the period October 29 - November 29, the following articles registered as top 10 most read articles in Mystical Geek (Squarespace)

335 Articles Transferred

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Finally, I have finished transferring all the 335 posts from the Mystical Geek -- Squarespace account to this new Wordpress-powered site. I began transferring posts -- ten, sometimes twenty a day -- in the beginning of November 2010, so ...

Let Me Help You Search This Site

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Below are the articles that people have been accessing via the search engine and some others though recent are missed.  The kind of articles listed here also gives an indication of the kind of people who have been accessing my ...
Internet, Theology

Synoptics and St. Joseph

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It is interesting how the search engine in this site has been used since it was added some time ago. Some type in key words, but others write whole phrases and even questions. There was a time when ...

Another Year, More Page Views

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The new real-time stats and search engine module provided by Squarespace is really useful in that these give me the opportunity to plan the kind of articles I will be posting here. As far as I can remember, the ...

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