Catechism, Liturgy

Christ the King in the Catechism

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Christ the King in the Catechism
I did a search on the SC Borromeo's Catholic Catechism Search Engine for "Christ the king". I was hoping to find more references to the idea after I found out that Quas primas is used in the Catechism only ...
Augustiniana, Liturgy

With St. Monica and St. Augustine in the Household of God

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This year's novenario in honor of St. Monica and St. Augustine was difficult to compose since there was no common thematic that helped guide its preparation. Last year's novenario was easier to compose since it was the "Year of Priests". ...

The Feast of Corpus Christi

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The following links may prove to be useful for anyone preaching on the solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ

Some Thoughts on the Birth of the Baptist

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There are only three persons whose birthdays are celebrated liturgically by the Church: the Lord himself, Mother Mary and John the Baptist. This latter whom the Lord regards as the greatest among those born from a woman is ...

Some Thoughts on the Ascension

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There are to my mind three things that need to be highlighted whenever we celebrate the feast of the Ascension.

Some Thoughts on the Feast of the Transfiguration

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During today's masses, I had the opportunity to talk about two aspects of the Transfiguration in two different occassions.  One was based on Peter's reaction to the experience, "Rabbi, it is good for us to be here." and the other ...
Liturgy, Mariology

Mary Beneath the Cross

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Mary Beneath the Cross
The feast of Our Lady of Sorrows follows that of the Exaltation of the Cross for an obvious reason:  Mary's close connection to the act of redemption in Christ.  John Paul II has, in his Magisterium, amply taught for our ...

The Sacred Heart

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The Sacred Heart
On the feast of the Sacred Heart the Church asks us to focus our attention on the Heart of Jesus broken by a lance, the source of all Christian life.  It is a heart that He showed to a nun, ...

Wisdom and the Feast of Three Kings

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This should be an entry for Bible Notes but due to the inaccessibility of the website, I post it here. Given the present situation, when the peoples of South East Asia and the Pacific Rim are still reeling from the recent tsunami ...

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