Posts for Advent

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Advent is here and I am busy at the Bible Workshop and Daily Inspirations posting articles that match the season. I have posted articles for Advent two weeks in advance at the Workshop so that those who are handling ...

The Vindication of the Just

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Vindication. To be vindicated. These are verbs that characterize the Day of the Lord. For the Day of the Lord is the moment when those who have decided to be what the Lord wants them to be will ...

Rejoice Always!

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If we are like watchmen waiting for the dawn, then we would be in the penultimate watch, the third watch of the night that stretches from midnight until three o'clock in the morning. It would still be dark, but at ...

Console, Console My People

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The liturgy of the Second Sunday of Advent invites us to see in John the Baptism a figure of the Advent-people called to give consolation to a world that groans for salvation. As John the Baptist was called to proclaim ...

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