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Pinoy Catholic, Now Born Again

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I was lurking in a Filipino-in-Australia Community Forum  when I found its Spirituality section.  Under the topic "Catholics vs. Born Again" I found a discussion between a Catholic and a Catholic who has become a Born Again.  The ex-Catholic posted ...
Catechism, Scriptures

Luke 18:1-8 in the Catechism

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Looking for possible homily themes on the Parable of the Widow and the Judge? The Catechism gives one a variety of possibilities. Luke 18:1-8 is referenced in some interesting paragraphs of the Catechism. Here is a run ...
Christian Life

Ongoing Conversion

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Ecclesia semper reformanda.  The Church needs always to be reformed.  This is in fact one of the things that  we need to realize both at the "community" level and at the personal level.  At the personal level, this "semper reformanda" ...
Augustiniana, Spirituality

Augustine and Prayer

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This morning I gave a lecture on Augustine's idea of prayer at the CSA-BiƱan as part of the school's program in understanding Augustinian core values. During the course of the preparation for the talk, I looked at the way the ...
BEC, Ministry

The Tools of a BEC Leader

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One of the problems BEC leaders in urban areas have is that the members of their cell groups are professionals, college graduates and individuals who are daily in contact with representatives of other religions. To get ahead of them and be ...

The Johannine Comma

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I noticed a query here on the Johanine Comma which I find it difficult not to satisfy. I have written an article about it showing the Comma was a marginal note that made its way into the main text of ...
Christian Life, Vocation

Fathers Are Meant to be “Generative”

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"Fathers" are meant to exercise leadership by pointing out to others something valuable that is in them so that this valuable trait can be developed, such as a special talent or aptitude or skill. Such generosity and encouragement are marks ...

Greed, Envy and the Kingdom of God

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Today's gospel reading is best seen in the light of the readings from the two previous Sundays. Two Sundays ago we read about the one and the many: the one thing necessary as against the many things over ...
Augustiniana, Augustinians, Church in the World

Thoughts From A Twenty Year-Old Memento

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Thoughts From A Twenty Year-Old Memento
I was going through some of my old things in Antipolo yesterday and I found this memento from an Augustinian youth gathering held in Cartoceto back in the early 90s. I don't know how to call it: it ...
Scriptures, Theology

The Temple: It’s Place in Salvation History

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Why is the Temple's destruction announced first before that of the end of heaven and earth? The answer is to be found in the importance that the Temple has in salvation history. The pattern Heaven and Earth --> ...

Christ Will Give You Light (Ephesians 5:8-14)

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Christ Will Give You Light (Ephesians 5:8-14)
Brothers and sisters: You were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of light, for light produces every kind of goodness and righteousness and truth. Christ is the light that shines on every man that ...

In Hope We Were Saved

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While I am waiting for Pope Benedict XVI's next encyclical, I have decided to do something with the first two ones. Right now my interest is on "Spe salvi" because of the way it relates to the Social Doctrines of ...
Ministry, PREX

PREX Opens the Door to the Social Doctrines of the Church

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The National Association of PREX Secretariats is holding its 11th National Convention in General Santos City this February. The convention is going to be significant because it opens the door of a lot of parishes in the Philippines to ...

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