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Vocation: A Collection of Links

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Vocation:  A Collection of Links
November is just around the corner. And for us Augustinians, November is Vocation Month. During this month we celebrate the birthday of St. Augustine and All the Saints of the Order of St. Augustine (November 13). Because ...

A Mother Through Her Son’s Eyes

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The following is lifted from Augustine’s Confessions as presented in a Logos Software acknowledged at the end of the page.  I have annotated it so that it would be easier to read.  The subject of this page is Monica herself, ...
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Oratio Imperata for Deliverance from Calamities

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Almighty Father, we raise our hearts to You in gratitude for the wonders of creation of which we are part, for Your providence in sustaining us in our needs, and for Your wisdom that guides the course of the universe. We ...
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Luke 18:9-14 in the Catechism

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Catechism References to Luke 18:9-14Luke 18:9-14 2559, 2613 Luke 18:    9 588 Luke 18:   13 2631 2667 2839 The whole parable is alluded to in par. 2559 which contains a definition of prayer from John Damascene (De ...
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A Different Look at Philippine History and the Frayles

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When I was studying Philippine History in high school, I was given the impression that the last hundred years of Spanish regime in the Philippines was characterized by the corruption of Spanish officials and the immorality of the friars.
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Call for Lay Participation in Honest Elections

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The CBCP has issued a pastoral statement entitled Lay Participation in Politics and Peace.  The pastoral statement is prefaced with a theological conviction that justifies its call for an active lay participation in the coming 2010 elections:
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Conscience in the Catechism of the Catholic Church

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Conscience in the Catechism of the Catholic Church
In 2004, Sen. Francisco Tatad, told everyone in the Senate Hall, that he was following his conscience in voting against opening the envelope believed to incrimate then Pres. Estrada in criminal acts. Recently, Sen. Miriam Santiago in ...

Bible Verses Hard to Find?

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While preparing for a lesson or a sermon, I sometimes find myself groping for a bible verse that I find relevant. The best way is to check a concordance or a dictionary. But sometimes there are verses that ...

More Updates on the Diego de Herrera Case

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This should have been a follow-up article on the Diego de Herrera Case that I posted at AgustinongPinoy.  But since the site is still inaccessible after three days, I am posting this here. Fr. J. celebrated his birthday today in ...
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Some More Materials for Apologetics

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In the blog post “In Defense of the Trinity and the Council of Nicea” I listed some articles from the old Bible Workshop.  Here are some more links from the Apologetics section:In How The Cults Are Twisting Scriptures, I provide ...
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E-sword from is a freeware Bible application that can compete with commercial ones. For one thing, it provides the user not only a functional software but also a website that can help one make the most of ...
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To Fast as the Lord Wants It Done

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There is a place for fasting in contemporary Catholic spirituality, but the practice must be based in love—love of God and love of all God’s creatures. Following the catechesis in Matthew 6, it must be linked to prayer, by which ...
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The Spiritual Senses of Scriptures and the BEC

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I think it was Carlos Mesters (was it from the book “Fiori senza difesa”?) who made me realize that the BEC is the place where the Spiritual senses of the Scriptures unlocked, discovered and lived.  But in the schema he ...

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