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In Honor of the Apostle

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During this year of St. Paul I have resolved to include as part of the offerings of Res Biblica brief commentaries on the readings from the Pauline letters as they come up in the Sunday liturgy and -- when ...
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The Melchizedek-Shem Connection

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The readings for the feast of Corpus Christi include one from Genesis, about the meeting of Abraham and Melchizedek, king of Salem. Those who have read the Letter to the Hebrews are familiar with this priest-king figure who mysteriously appears ...
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Stop Murmurring

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Last Sunday's liturgical celebration has left us a message:  "This is My Beloved Son.  Listen to Him."  The voice from the Cloud would like us to treat the words of Jesus as God's Word.  What the Law and the Prophets ...
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Introduction to the Lectio Divina

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Members of the Catholic Women's League in our parish have asked me to give them a one hour introduction to the "Lectio Divina". They have scheduled it for June 17, 2006, a Saturday. I already ...
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The Tortuous Heart

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"Most tortuous is the human heart; it is exceedingly corrupt. Who can know it?" Jer. 17:9. Who hasn't had an experience of the deceitful wickedness of the human heart? If one can't see it in oneself, others ...
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Prayers from Hearts That Wait

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Tonight we reflected on the gospel reading for this coming Sunday (Sunday III, Advent, Year B). After reading the liturgical selection, I asked the participants to read in silence the whole first chapter of John until verse 28. ...
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It is I, Do Not Be Afraid (Mark 6:45-52)

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Mark 6:45-52 is perhaps one of the most magnificent passages in the Marcan gospel.  Here, after the feeding of the multitudes, the Lord walks on a troubled sea, towards his disciples in order to quell their fears.  I talked about ...

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