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I Cancelled My Typepad

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Today I cancelled my TypePad account. It contained two blogs that were quite sought. I had bandwidth worries while they were in existence. Mouse and Keys became popular during Lent 2005 and because of its items on ...

Not Just Computers

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A friend who has been following my "career" on the web wrote to me on the occassion of the reopening of AngFrayle Pare, paiba-iba ayos ng website mo, at paganda ng paganda. Parang hindi ka na pari ah! (Friend, your ...
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The Tortuous Heart

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"Most tortuous is the human heart; it is exceedingly corrupt. Who can know it?" Jer. 17:9. Who hasn't had an experience of the deceitful wickedness of the human heart? If one can't see it in oneself, others ...

10 Thoughts on my 44th

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10. Webmastering finally started to pay off. I knew more people this year via the web. Interaction is chiefly through email though. But this is much much better than the previous years where I wondered whether people think my pages ...

Blessings for My Forty-Fourth

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Blessings for My Forty-Fourth
I am sharing with you the contents of Willa's birthday greeting for me. The birthday is on the seventeenth but Willa's card reached me today:

Behold the Lamb of God

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"Behold the Lamb of God." When Andrew and another disciple listened to John making his testimony about Jesus, they immediately walked behind the Lord and was introduced to his "dwelling." It was from that moment that they stayed ...
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Passion for the Kingdom

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Willa wrote this as a comment on one of the blogs here. I am taking this occassion to respond to her and perhaps draw somebody else into the conversation:
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This Morning’s Interview: The Questions I Would Have Liked to Answer

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Interviews about the priesthood especially when done by students doing an assignment are predictable.  The questions don't give the priest a chance to say something that really comes from their heart of hearts.  I've heard this morning's questions so many ...

A Look Back at 2004

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As I stand before the threshold of 2005 I look back at the things that happened during the past year.  What is God telling me through all the events of my life?  What is He requiring of me as I ...

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