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Ten Augustinian Values and the BEC

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Ten Augustinian Values and the BEC
One of the convictions that grew in me during my years at the Mother of Good Counsel parish is that the ten Augustinian values I have written about are best observed in people who are learning to make themselves into ...
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Records of an Ecclesial Experiment II

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Records of an Ecclesial Experiment II
Below are links to articles on this website regarding the BEC Project in our parish. It complements another article that I posted back in 2008. Much has changed in the way our BEC Project is carried out. ...
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Listening to the Gospel; Listening to the World

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Listening to the Gospel; Listening to the World
Last Sunday (October 9, 2011) our BEC Animators made a step forward in the ministry. For the first time, they organized a session that allowed them to focus on a situation that they noticed is significant in ...
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Agustinongpinoy is Turning Twelve

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Agustinongpinoy is Turning Twelve
On August 28, 2011, AgustinongPinoy turns twelve. I started building it in the now defunct Geocities, formerly the best free webhosting service on the internet. AgustinongPinoy had a very long address then, something like geocities.com/Athens/Parthenon/2763. My first ...
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Daily Inspiration hits 300 posts

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Daily Inspiration hits 300 posts
Daily Inspiration just hit 300 posts with the article for August 16 2011. I almost missed it since articles have been posted in advance some days ago. Your Daily Inspiration has been around since 2008, but I have ...

The Lenten Grind

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Time passes quickly. Here at the Mother of Good Counsel Parish time passes quicker. Just a few days ago, I was marking everyone's forehead with an ashen cross. Now, I find that the first week of Lent ...
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Biblista Podcasts

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Biblista Podcasts
Since December 24, 2010, I have been experimenting on a new (or relatively new) internet medium, podcasting. A "podcast" is defined as a free service that allows Internet users to pull audio files (typically MP3s) from a podcasting Web ...
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The BEC Project and the PREX at MGCP

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The BEC Project and the PREX at MGCP
I was going through my old blogs and found out two that resulted from two events that really got me going in my ministry at the Mother of Good Counsel Parish in 2005. I reported for duty at the ...
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Reading Scriptures Intelligently

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We have begun our special modular training for the BEC Leaders of Olympia I. The module we started is "Reading Scriptures Intelligently", which is based on an article I published years ago at Suite 101's Catholic Scripture Studies. ...
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A Bible Cell Group in Every Street

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How can we go about building basic ecclesial communities in a suburban setting?  By creating bible cell groups in every street and in every area (subdivision or development area) covered by the parish's jurisdiction.  I am aware that this is ...

MGCP-PREX Speakers’ Bureau

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Our parish held its first PREX Speakers' Bureau on October 16-17, 2010. Twelve new PREX speakers, some of whom are already involved in our basic cell communities, graduated from the course. This program for the Speakers' Bureau follows ...
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The Priest and New Technologies

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For the document regarding this, go here.
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Last Class for 2009

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Today we held our last class for BEC Advanced Training 2009 with a lesson on the Christmas liturgy. We started holding classes on the Scriptures, Liturgy and Theology in order to help our cell leaders prepare for their weekly ...

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