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Outlining A Bible Passage IV: Working on Themes

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Outlining A Bible Passage IV: Working on Themes
An outline of a bible passage is a summary for the close reading you make of a passage when you make a sentence flow of it. A well-made outline can serve one a lot of purposes later on, especially ...
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How Does One “Konek Konek”? III

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The series of articles on this blog about "konek-konek" arose from a question regarding how certain pastors/popular preachers relate one passage of the Scriptures with another one. This phenomenon has its "Catholic" origins from the Fathers of the Church who ...
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Intelligent Reading of Scriptures: Revisited

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Some ten years ago I wrote a series of articles for Suite101 on "Reading Scriptures Intelligently". I wrote those articles for the general reader who wants to get more from his/her reading of the Scriptures. What I wrote ...
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Outlining a Bible Passage III: Colossians

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Outlining a Bible Passage III: Colossians
It is one thing to outline a bible passage from a narrative like the Gospel of Mark.  It is another thing to outline a passage from the Pauline letters or any discursive type of biblical literature.  The key is to ...
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Outlining a Bible Passage II: Mark 10:17-31

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Mark 10:17-31 is the gospel reading for the 28th Sunday of Ordinary Time (Year B). Below is an outline of the text based on the sentence flow found here.
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Outlining a Bible Passage

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Two Saturdays ago, I introduced the activity of outlining a bible passage in our BEC Training Module. We associate outlines for term papers and speeches we are assigned to write. But outlines are also important for understanding an article one ...
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Records of an Ecclesial Experiment II

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Records of an Ecclesial Experiment II
Below are links to articles on this website regarding the BEC Project in our parish. It complements another article that I posted back in 2008. Much has changed in the way our BEC Project is carried out. ...
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Biblista Podcasts

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Biblista Podcasts
Since December 24, 2010, I have been experimenting on a new (or relatively new) internet medium, podcasting. A "podcast" is defined as a free service that allows Internet users to pull audio files (typically MP3s) from a podcasting Web ...
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Records of an Ecclesial Experiment

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The BEC Project at the MGCP is progressing. Since the last time I wrote about it (three months ago) we have begun holding training sessions for our BEC leaders regularly. We have more than ten cell leaders under advanced training ...
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Milestones in a Journey

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I am reviewing my journey taken until this point in relation to the BEC Ministry. An article I posted last year gives an overview of what I've accomplished from 2005 until last year (See My Interest in the BEC). In ...
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The Bible Workshop Almost Finished

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I have decided to put all the materials I am making for the different formation programs I am engaged in together with articles on how these are being employed in a section of Res Biblica that I will call “The ...
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Introduction to the Lectio Divina

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Members of the Catholic Women's League in our parish have asked me to give them a one hour introduction to the "Lectio Divina". They have scheduled it for June 17, 2006, a Saturday. I already ...
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Your Sins are Forgiven: Bible Study with a Twist

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Tonight I started a new bible study session in the Sto. NiƱo chapel of Adelina subdivision. The bible study was announced only this week following an informal conversation I had with some of the parishioners there last Monday. ...

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