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Building Communities through the PREX

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Since 2005, I have been harping about the need to provide for a PREX Advanced Module for those who complete the Parish Renewal Experience. This was due to the discovery that not all PREX graduates join parish mandated organizations ...
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Records of an Ecclesial Experiment

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The BEC Project at the MGCP is progressing. Since the last time I wrote about it (three months ago) we have begun holding training sessions for our BEC leaders regularly. We have more than ten cell leaders under advanced training ...
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Milestones in a Journey

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I am reviewing my journey taken until this point in relation to the BEC Ministry. An article I posted last year gives an overview of what I've accomplished from 2005 until last year (See My Interest in the BEC). In ...
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Full Editorial for Tambuli

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The Tambuli Newsletter didn’t have enough space so I had to reduce image sizes and cut off some parts from the article I prepared.  The image that was reduced shows how the PREX graduates move from the basic program ...
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Like a Farmer, Waiting

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After World Youth Day Manila (1995), one of the most often asked questions was: “So what now?”  My answer was simple:  “We wait.  The time of gestation has begun.  When a seed is sown, we can only water it and ...
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The BEC Project: Moving On

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Last May 24, 2008 we resumed celebrating our monthly Saturday masses in our Maligaya areas.  These masses are just culminating activities for the weekly BEC meetings done at Maligaya V and Maligaya VI respectively.  The BEC at Olympia I has ...
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A BEC Seminar

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We finally concluded the last part of the two-part BEC Building seminar we held for the Resurrection capilla. The first part was held last week, March 10. The BEC seminar was a milestone in the journey of a ...
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The BEC Experiment Continues

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We just finished the first of a two-day BEC seminar organized for the Olympia I visita of our parish. Several of the families that hosted our weekly bible sharing sessions were present. The seminar is similar to ...
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Prayer Vigils for the PREX National Convention

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The ninth PREX National Convention will be held on May 13-14 at the Colegio San Agustin-Biñan campus. Since not all of our PREX graduates will be attending the convention, we will be holding prayer vigils and a prayer service ...
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Your Sins are Forgiven: Bible Study with a Twist

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Tonight I started a new bible study session in the Sto. NiƱo chapel of Adelina subdivision. The bible study was announced only this week following an informal conversation I had with some of the parishioners there last Monday. ...
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Rebuilding the Church via Cell Groups

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The project to create Basic Ecclesial Communities in the parish is working.  We currently have 14 parishioners coming from our Homes Along The Railway sector undergoing training for working in cell groups apart from 13 others coming from the different ...

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