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A Symposium with the Fathers

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Let us imagine a Symposium where we invite speakers on the different Sunday gospels, but instead of inviting our contemporaries, we look to the resources of Christian classical times, the Fathers of the Church. The Fathers of the Church are ...
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The Cross in the Early Church

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The following is based on the Spanish text of B. M. Aherns' article on the Cross in the Nueva Diccionario de Espiritualidad, pp. 311 col. 1 - 312 col. 21. The article comes from a time when the status of ...
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The Assumption of Our Lady

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Tomorrow we celebrate the Solemnity of the Assumption. Catholics have become so used to the idea that when fundamentalists confront them with a question about the feast itself and the dogma of Pius XII declared in 1950, they are led ...
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With the Bull called “Transiturus”, Pope Urban IV instituted the feast of Corpus Christi.  A substantial excerpt is found at this page from www.catho.org.  It is called “Transiturus” because it begins with the phrase “Transiturus de hoc mundo”,  “When he ...
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Schemas for Pentecost

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Here are the schemas1 I used for the homilies I preached for Pentecost Sunday: Pentecost Overcoming Babel and Sin The Holy Spirit came upon the disciples making them the first members of the Church, the Body of Christ. The first effect ...
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From Ascension to Corpus Christi

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After Ascension Sunday, Ordinary Time opens up with three solemnities, all connected to Easter. Below is a diagram of how I would present the relationships among all these feasts. The rest of the article is a reflection on ...

Passion Sunday

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Passion Sunday which begins the Holy Week and marks the start of what can be called the Church's yearly Easter retreat. It used to be called "Palm Sunday" because at the beginning of the Eucharistic celebration, Jesus' entrance into ...
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How Does One “Konek Konek”?

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How does one relate the Sunday readings with one another? While it is not always advisable to connect one reading to another in a sermon, it can very well be done for purposes of meditation and prayer. In ...

This Year’s Lenten Journey

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We are now on the third Sunday of Lent (Year A), and as we progress towards Holy Week, I would like to give a summary of our Lenten journey this year by offering some reflections on the Sunday readings for ...
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Fellowship Based on a Common Profession of Faith

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The first letter of John is the liturgy's Christmas treat. We began reading it during the weekdays following Christmas and will be reading it until the week after Epiphany Sunday, the traditional closing feast of the Christmas season. ...
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“Make Disciples of all Nations…”

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I was going through some of my older blogs at the Mystical Geek and I found out that I have quite enough materials for a mystagogy of the baptismal rite. "Mystagogy" is such a big word, but it does reduce to ...

Liturgical Singing and the Word of God

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Last Friday (Oct. 26, 2007), the Worship Committee of the parish held a conference on liturgical singing. I was given the privilege to talk on the "doctrinal" aspect of liturgical singing. It wasn't hard looking for materials on ...
Liturgy, Scriptures

Romans in the Weekday Readings

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Last Monday we began reading from the letter of Paul to the Romans. Contrary to what people think, inspite of Paul's mention of "God's wrath" and "God's justice" he isn't a prophet of doom but a proclaimer of the ...

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