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DOST Book Launching

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DOST Book Launching
I received the invitation today for the DOST Booklaunching for “Information and Communication Technology in Philippine Art, Heritage and Religion”.  From what I was made to understand, the report I submitted to the DOST Round Table Discussions on ICT (Information ...

Let Me Help You Search This Site

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Below are the articles that people have been accessing via the search engine and some others though recent are missed.  The kind of articles listed here also gives an indication of the kind of people who have been accessing my ...

The Feast of Corpus Christi

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The following links may prove to be useful for anyone preaching on the solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ

Old Blogs, New Blogs

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Don’t forget to check out the following recent posts:Some More Materials for Apologetics follows upon In Defense of the Trinity and the Council of Nicea. Both contain links to the blogs I wrote from 2004-2005 which I announced I would ...
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More Than Thirty Articles on Scriptures

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I was just curious as to the number of articles on Scriptures I can find at the Mystical Geek so I did a search and found more than thirty articles. That is not all though, I think, since I ...
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Links to the Lectio Divina

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I am currently working on a database of links of the articles directly dealing with the Scriptures and lectio divina found at Otium Sanctum. The database items number to more than two hundred article links, a collection dating back ...
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Synoptics and St. Joseph

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It is interesting how the search engine in this site has been used since it was added some time ago. Some type in key words, but others write whole phrases and even questions. There was a time when ...

Another Year, More Page Views

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The new real-time stats and search engine module provided by Squarespace is really useful in that these give me the opportunity to plan the kind of articles I will be posting here. As far as I can remember, the ...
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In Honor of the Apostle

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During this year of St. Paul I have resolved to include as part of the offerings of Res Biblica brief commentaries on the readings from the Pauline letters as they come up in the Sunday liturgy and -- when ...
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Reviving the Newsroom

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I am reviving the MGCP NewsRoom that was deleted from the FriHost servers due to inaction. Right now, I am still in the process of setting up the content management system for newsposting and the tutorial site. At ...
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StBlogs used to be an exclusive "web-parish" for Catholic bloggers. Today it is opening out with its WordPress MU-powered blog site. It now offers a free blog service for Catholics. If you would like to have your own Catholic ...

Not the First Time

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This is not the first time that this happened. It is just the first time that any explanation was given why Otium Sanctum is inaccessible. Bandwidth. I don't know how long this situation would last. Perhaps ...

Happy New Year!

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To begin the New Year, I am happy to announce that this blog has found a sponsor. I was already thinking of closing it down just as I did for Mouse and Keys, fortunately, a subscriber offered to shoulder ...

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