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Agustinongpinoy is Turning Twelve

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Agustinongpinoy is Turning Twelve
On August 28, 2011, AgustinongPinoy turns twelve. I started building it in the now defunct Geocities, formerly the best free webhosting service on the internet. AgustinongPinoy had a very long address then, something like geocities.com/Athens/Parthenon/2763. My first ...
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Daily Inspiration hits 300 posts

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Daily Inspiration hits 300 posts
Daily Inspiration just hit 300 posts with the article for August 16 2011. I almost missed it since articles have been posted in advance some days ago. Your Daily Inspiration has been around since 2008, but I have ...
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NABRE Online

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NABRE Online
The New American Bible Revised Edition is now available online. One can find it here. As I said before, the NAB edition that we use in our English Masses is still the liturgically approved version. And so ...
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Biblista Podcasts

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Biblista Podcasts
Since December 24, 2010, I have been experimenting on a new (or relatively new) internet medium, podcasting. A "podcast" is defined as a free service that allows Internet users to pull audio files (typically MP3s) from a podcasting Web ...

The Mystical Geek’s Top Ten (October – November 2010)

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For the period October 29 - November 29, the following articles registered as top 10 most read articles in Mystical Geek (Squarespace)

335 Articles Transferred

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Finally, I have finished transferring all the 335 posts from the Mystical Geek -- Squarespace account to this new Wordpress-powered site. I began transferring posts -- ten, sometimes twenty a day -- in the beginning of November 2010, so ...
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Chronicles of a Revert

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Shireyuchan is just coming back from an experience that she had with a fundamentalist cult based in the Philippines.  Right now she is an active member of the Difensores Fidei and a very active blogger on things Catholic.  Shireyu is ...
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Catholic Evangelization through the Web

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When I first logged into the web in 1998 (it was through the now discontinued internet cafe of San Jose, Iloilo), what struck me was the paucity of resources for the Catholic faith.  But since that time, a lot more ...
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The Priest and New Technologies

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For the document regarding this, go here.
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Bible Software for Online Study

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John Dyer is a pastor; he is also a programmer.  He has created two websites that allow a reader to read the Hebrew and Greek, i.e., the Old Testament (Protestant canon) and the New Testament in the original languages.  He ...
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The Workshop is Ready

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The Bible Workshop is now open! I have announced this new section of Res Biblica in an earlier blog.
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The Bible Workshop Almost Finished

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I have decided to put all the materials I am making for the different formation programs I am engaged in together with articles on how these are being employed in a section of Res Biblica that I will call “The ...

The Book is Out!

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The Book is Out!
The DOST Book launching of “Information and Communication Technology in Philippine Art, Heritage and Religiion” was held this evening at the Renaissance Room of the Renaissance Hotel, Makati.  The turnout was good inspite of the bad weather. The book was edited ...

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