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Who Wants To Know About Augustine of Hippo?

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During our local chapter it was decided that we would have our own special celebration this year for the solemnity of St. Augustine. The celebration will consist of a triduum that begins on August 25 and a solemn mass ...

Ten Augustinian Values

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The article called "Ten Augustinian Values" hosted at
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An Augustinian Platform in the Middle Ages?

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Lucio Guttierez, OP -- our professor in Church History at the University of Sto. Tomas -- once said that Martin Luther could only have been produced by the Augustinians. That was almost thirty years ago. I didn't understand what he ...

A Mother Through Her Son’s Eyes

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The following is lifted from Augustine’s Confessions as presented in a Logos Software acknowledged at the end of the page.  I have annotated it so that it would be easier to read.  The subject of this page is Monica herself, ...

Deny Yourself, Take up the Cross and Follow Me

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Augustine's Sermon 96 is dated 416 or 417 by Edmund Hill, OP (Sermons III/4 in The works of Saint Augustine: A Translation for the 21st Century, New City). Internal evidence suggests that it was preached after the Ascension but before ...
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Augustine and Prayer

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This morning I gave a lecture on Augustine's idea of prayer at the CSA-Bi├▒an as part of the school's program in understanding Augustinian core values. During the course of the preparation for the talk, I looked at the way the ...

Peter Brown on the Dolbeau Sermons and Divjak Letters

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It is August once more, and for us Augustinians, the month reminds us of Augustine of Hippo. I visited the website of the Order yesterday hoping to find any new materials about Augustine or the Order's spirituality and found this ...
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Of 2012 and Augustine’s Sermon 97

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Of 2012 and Augustine’s Sermon 97
Today, the movie "2012" -- a film based on the prediction that the world will end in 2012 -- began to be shown in our cinemas. Providentially, yesterday and today, the Gospel readings from Luke refer to the day of ...

Mother and Son

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August 27 and 28 are the feast days of St. Monica and St. Augustine, perhaps the two most well-known mother and son saints in the Catholic Church.  The image above is a depiction of a scene from the Confessions ...
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Mary in the Writings of St. Augustine

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Mary is the perfect exemplar of the redemption carried out in Christ.  Christ has redeemed us freeing us from the sad consequences of evil:  of sin, of the dominion of the passions, of death.  This is Christian freedom which the ...

Derrida, Augustine and Dodaro

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In "Rechristianizing Augustine Postmodern-Style" , Wayne John Hankey reports about a colloquium held at the University of Villanova in September 1997. In that colloquium, Robert Dodaro, then Vice-President of the Augustinianum, delivered a paper on "Religion and Post-modernity". ...
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Homily Guides?

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Last February 11-16, we celebrated our 7th Ordinary Provincial Chapter. During one of the sessions, a proposal for the creation of Homily Guides that the friars can use was raised. The Homily Guide contemplated is intended to help ...
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Ten Augustinian Values and the BEC

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Ten Augustinian Values and the BEC
One of the convictions that grew in me during my years at the Mother of Good Counsel parish is that the ten Augustinian values I have written about are best observed in people who are learning to make themselves into ...

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