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2010: My Review

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2010 was a good year. It is almost in the past, but as you know, the past is still present in memory. And so 2010 can be reviewed and can be an occassion for conversion and thanksgiving.

Here is the way I experienced 2010. There are setbacks but these are not so serious as to make me want to stop and refuse 2011. Besides, I expect 2011 to be a better year.


I attended a Christmas party of the BEC clusters at Olympia I and was heartened to know how the original group has expanded to other cells inside Olympia I and in Maligaya VI. I have also transferred “The Mystical Geek” to its new location in


During a meeting with the PREX Secretariat, I had the occassion to review the present setup of our Parish Renewal Experience. We have grown not only in the number of people who are actually getting involved in parish ministry, but the PREX Secretariat itself has grown structurally. We welcomed a new member to the Secretariat and we made new assignments to reflect current changes.


We held our first PREX Speakers’ Bureau. Most of those who attended the workshops were people who are involved in the BEC Ministry. There are some who were still quite new but showed themselves to be well-motivated.


I attended the closing Mass of the Order’s intermediate Chapter. The Intermediate Chapter was held in Bulacan and I had the chance to meet old familiar faces from the different places where the Order is established. The Province’s Annual Retreat held at Tolo-tolo was the occassion for the introduction of a renewal experience for the friars in the Asia-Pacific region. This will still have to develop during the succeeding months.


AgustinongPinoy celebrated its 11th year with the opening of a new section of Otium Sanctum called “Bibliya Tagala”. The new section expands on “Mag-aral Tayo” and will be used as a resource site for those BEC animators who still find it difficult to grasp the meaning of Sentence Flows. The section is in Filipino and gives me more opportunity to write biblical materials in Filipino.


We celebrated the fifth anniversary of Maligaya VI as a Eucharistic community. For the first time, I saw a group of mothers perform a number for those who attended the anniversary celebration. There were more new faces at the Mass I celebrated during the occassion.


A sad month. Someone stole the Compaq-Presario my sister gave me three years ago. It contained my work — lectures, BEC materials, blog notes — for three years. The thief was caught but the laptop was not returned. For the next few months I would be reinstalling software into a new computer.

The Olympia I cell group began organizing cell groups in Maligaya VI. There used to be a cell group maintained by the New Jerusalem community in the area, but because the cell animator could no longer keep up with the work, the cell group disappeared. The Olympia I cell group which I was visiting for three years now opened up their own cell groups at Maligaya VI.


The parish was once more involved in the May elections. The May election was special because it is the first time that we went digital.

In Olympia I, cell groups with members coming from the subdivision’s homeowners were organized.


Pastor’s Night at the parish gave me an opportunity to introduce the Social Doctrines of the Church to the laity. In February, the PREX National Convention was held with a theme that was intended to open up the laity to their responsibilities in the area of politics. This was done in view of the May elections. Some of our parishioners were sent to that Convention and were given an opportunity to speak about the occassion in our Pastor’s Night.

The BEC Advanced Group helped me with the novenario for the Feast of Our Mother of Good Counsel. The novenario was some sort of climax for their Tuesday-liturgy assignment started during Easter. It is the first time that lay people were involved in creating the liturgy for the Masses.


For the BEC Advanced classes, I introduced our collaborators to a new activity: the preparation for a contextualized liturgy. The activity consists in preparing a daily Mass where the introductions to the readings and the prayers of the faithful reflect the situation of the parish. The activity will be fine-tuned during the coming months. For the moment, it is a new development in our trainings for the lay.


During the Christmas vacation, I installed the MGCP newsletter website. It contains the news items and articles of the “Tambuli” which we started last year. The new MGCP news website would be a fitting way of celebrating the first year of the Tambuli.

The papal message “the Priest and New Technologies” was released this month. It would be published on May 16 on the occassion of ‘World Communications Day”. Once more, the Pope reiterates the importance of the internet and related technologies for the mission of the Church. In this papal message, he reiterates what John Paul II has stated before him: it would be a grave mistake not to make use of the new technologies for evangelization.


The first year anniversary of “Tambuli” the PREX newsletter of our parish is coming up next month, and so during the Christmas vacation, I installed a WordPress facility at our old parish website ( I also spent the time copying and pasting articles and news items from past issues of the newsletter for easy reference.

I met a lot of relatives and old friends at Facebook. The fact that I have a FarmVille account helped. In fact, it was through FarmVille that I discovered the friends and relatives who were already in Facebook.

Things to follow up

1. Tambuli

After the anniversary issue, no news items were further submitted. It was that either the people who used to submit news got too busy or that events in the parish were not worth reporting on. With the coming year, we hope to have new collaborators in this area of the ministry. After all, a newsletter is a basic tool for keeping people informed and communicating.

2. Maligaya V

During the past year, those involved with our cell group in Maligaya V did not undergo the BEC Advanced Training. Maybe this year, we can have them trained under a different setting. The current batch of BEC Advanced Trainees can now I believe carry out trainings on their own. By February this year, I hope that a chapel-based BEC Seminar Workshop can become feasible. The first stop would be Adelina 2-2A.

Things I am thankful for

1. Developments at Olympia I

This year, I’ve seen what a handful of persons changed by the Gospel can do. The group at Olympia I has started to participate in the work of evangelization.

2. The BEC Advanced Trainees

The BEC Advanced Group had been expanding its activities to include the preparation of parish liturgies. Some of the members will now be involved in the Parish Renewal Experience as speakers. In due time, I hope to tap them for work as BEC Animators in the different areas of the parish.

3. An Emerging Community

In October, a new faith-group emerged in Adelina 2-2A. Membership came from PREX batch 89 and 91. The household that provides the place for this new group belongs to one of our more committed parishioners. I hope that the group would continue growing throughout this new year.

4. Social Networks

The social networking sites of the WWW have been improving. Notable are Facebook and Twitter. Twitter allows me to post links to my articles into my Facebook account thereby allowing “web friends” access to my posts at Res Biblica and the Mystical Geek. The situation makes it easier for me to carry out my web apostolate.

Time gives opportunities for growth. Let’s see what’s in store for 2011. A Blessed New Year to all!

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