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Finally, I have finished transferring all the 335 posts from the Mystical Geek — Squarespace account to this new WordPress-powered site. I began transferring posts — ten, sometimes twenty a day — in the beginning of November 2010, so that by the end of the year 2010, I can allow Squarespace to delete my blog.

My decision of transferring Mystical Geek to AgustinongPinoy is not due to the services of Squarespace, mind you. I could not have lasted for six years there if they provided a sub-par service. Thing is, the economic crunch has caught up with me and so I have to close down certain accounts to make ends meet. By moving my posts here, I will be maximizing AgustinongPinoy which recently underwent an upgrade in webspace and bandwidth. At the same time, I will be missing the admin functionality of Squarespace and the facilities it provides for readers of the Mystical Geek.

There are currently three hundred and thirty-five articles in this site, all re-posted so as to reflect the original dates on which they were published on the web. I am currently using a WordPress Plugin called “Automatic Blog Promoter” that republishes old posts under a current date. What it does is to randomly pick an old post and republish it under a current date. In other words, you will find some of the posts from a date in 2005 published under the current month and year. I have configured the plugin, however, so that it would indicate an article’s original publication date.

One problem you might encounter when going through the articles are the broken links. This is true for external links and for “internal” links. External links “die” when a page ceases to exist on the web. This happens when the webhost of the page closes down. This is normal occurence for links that are more than three years old. The “internal” links of the original Mystical Geek” still point to the Squarespace account. You will find such links in posts where I help the reader to find the most sought after articles of the Mystical Geek or articles that have common themes, e.g. “How to Become a Priest” or “BEC”. I will still have to correct these links so that these point to the new location of the articles in this new version of the Mystical Geek.

One of the features of a WordPress-powered blog as this one is the “tags”. Almost all of the articles in this site has been tagged with a keyword. You will find the tags somewhere in the sidebar toward the bottom of the page. The key words appear in different sizes to indicate whether the keyword covers a large or small amount of pages. Click on any of the keywords to find the articles to which they are attached.

In the original Mystical Geek, my articles were posted under three different blogs: “The Journal”, “The Workblog” and “Thoughtful Meanderings”; archives were provided for each one and eacb blog had their own sets of categories. Here, all articles are posted under just one blog, and so the archives and categories for all articles are unified. Note however that because of the work of the Blog Promoter plugin, articles are also moved from one place in the archive to another. Instead of going through the Archives, then, I would encourage the reader to search for articles using the Categories.

I will still be introducing improvements to the new Mystical Geek. One of the nice things about a WordPress blog is that the WordPress community of users and programmers are constantly providing enhancements for their content management system. In the near future, I will be adding facilities that would allow readers of this blog to print and/or email its contents. Until then, you may use your mouse to highlight and copy the contents of this site. Don’t forget however to make the proper attributions.

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