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A Look Back at 2004

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As I stand before the threshold of 2005 I look back at the things that happened during the past year.  What is God telling me through all the events of my life?  What is He requiring of me as I move forward into the future He alone knows?

January 2004 opened with me in vacation.  I was marked by doubts about whether I’d be staying in a school setting or not.  However, there were a few things I could very well cherish.  January was a month where I enjoyed the presence of some people whom I’ve learned to love and care about.  It was a time when I was less a prisoner of my cell  and more of a human being with friends and moments shared with others.

February 2004 was a time for stretching my possibilities.  The accreditation of our major programmes at the Colegio was something that I worked for with others.  And it was a great experience to see how others would respond positively to my proddings.  This was also the month when I started “professional blogging.”  If I spent too much time on the internet after this, it was because I wanted to see how people would react to the way I write.

March 2004 was a time of goodbyes.  I had to prepare myself, my room and the books I have accumulated through four years of stay in a school for a change of environment.  The graduation ceremony of the Colegio was really something to be proud of.  I knew that it was a special moment inspite of the goodbyes that followed.  I was part of the Colegio’s life for four years, after all.  And what I did has been firmly recorded in its annals.

April 2004 was interesting.  For the first time I travelled by land from one assignment to another.  The RoRo trip went beyond my expectation.  There was even a brief surprise night out in Oriental Mindoro.  The vacation during this month was quite long.  In the end however, I had to report to my new assignment, an assignment which is proving quite fruitful and enjoyable.  The new friends I’ve been with since December of 2003 proved to be quite supportive of me and my quirks.

May  to June 2004 saw me rooting for the Lakers again.  Payton and Malone had joined them at the beginning of the season and it was a dream to see all these All-Stars playing together  But this year just wasn’t the time for another Kobe-Shaq-Jackson championship.  Nor was it the championship year for the legends Malone and Payton.  I  was sad at the break-up of the team at the end of the season.  But what can one do?  The Pistons proved hungrier than the Lakers!

July 2004 is the month when my brother Ronald died.  I still miss him even now.  I was in Iloilo accepting an award the night before he died.  When I got back from the airport, I received the sad news of his passing away.  We were aware of his sickness, but we hoped that he would still be around for some time.  His last attack surprised him (he just closed a business deal when it happened) and us.  Ronald was one of the few people who encouraged me to on working in the web with their support.

August and September 2004 came in while I was still reeling from the death of my brother.  But I had to go on with my work at the parish.  I was busy with my Saturday night Bible Lessons and my blogging.  In September, I received my first cheque as a “professional blogger”.  It didn’t amount much, but it covered more than half of the amount I paid to get in the Blogging Network anyway. 

October and November 2004 saw me bringing my websites to a higher level.  AgustinongPinoy has been my launchpad for web evangelization since 1999.  It was during this time when it got its new server.  A lot of people are wondering how I finance the websites I work with.  It isn’t really that difficult when you  actually get into it.  After all, the WWW itself will find a way to help its denizens go on “existing.”

December 2004.  It is the last day of the month and I look at the Christmas wrappers that I’ve thrown into the garbage can.  The memory of the disasters that swept the Philippines and the rest of Asia still echoes in the news.  The tsunami that killed more than a hundred thousand has roused the compassion of millions and has created — at least for the moment — a world where people are generous with one another.  I don’t think any year should end like the way 2004 is ending — with the death and mourning of thousands.  But tragedies do bring out the best in people.  And as December 2004 opens the door to January 2005, all I can say is that it wasn’t all that bad.

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