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The BEC Project and the PREX at MGCP

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I was going through my old blogs and found out two that resulted from two events that really got me going in my ministry at the Mother of Good Counsel Parish in 2005. I reported for duty at the parish in April of 2004, during the feast of the parish itself. The community at the time decided during the ordinary house chapter to have a year’s experience in the parish before they change anything either in the way the parish is run or in the structures of the community itself. Because of this decision, it was only in 2005 that I began to do certain things in the parish. Among these was to get to know our Homes-Along-The-Railroad. Following the failure of my apostolate among the dads in Olympia I, I began to work in Maligaya VI: to celebrate a monthly mass with the people there, and then, to attend their bible cell group meetings.

After attending a Scripture Ventures training with some parishioners, I began to organize a Bible Ministry Team, and then when even this failed, to give BEC seminars at Adelina II-IIA and Olympia I. The seminar given at Olympia I proved fruitful since those who participated formed the first cell group in that area. It was because of the work being done there that the Bible Workshop was created and become the group’s online resource site.

When in 2008, I was given the task of handling the Parish Renewal Experience and the BEC, I was able to carry out what I have been thinking all along: to link the BEC Project to the Parish Renewal Experience. To do this however, I still had to educate the PREX Secretariat about the BEC and how I proposed to make the PREX a stepping stone to realize the plan of making the Mother of Good Counsel Parish the mother community of all basic ecclesial cells within the parish’s jurisdiction.

As of the moment, the project has succeeded in

(a) establishing the presence of Eucharistic communities in two formerly emarginated areas of the parish, Maligaya VI and Maligaya V
(b) establishing the cell communities of Olympia I and Adelina II-IIA as animating communities for Maligaya VI and Maligaya V
(c) re-establishing the Sunday group (Chrysanthemum-based cell group) within the BEC Project
(d) the continuing training of cell leaders (BEC Advanced Training)
(e) educating more and more people in the idea of Basic Ecclesial Community which was — and still is — confused with bible study groups, prayer groups and charismatic communities.

The present structure of the PREX Secretariat reflects these developments. It has three formation programs and three ministries to support and sustain.

It still lacks a lot of things, but for now, it only needs to go on with its programmes and make sure that its graduates are given an on-going formation program within an ecclesial setting.

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