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Pinoy Catholic, Now Born Again

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I was lurking in a Filipino-in-Australia Community Forum  when I found its Spirituality section.  Under the topic “Catholics vs. Born Again” I found a discussion between a Catholic and a Catholic who has become a Born Again.  The ex-Catholic posted a statement wherein he disparaged Catholicism ; his interlocutor replied with a post to which the Born Again countered.  Below is the post and my comments.  I din’t bother posting this article at the forum since I know I’d just be offending a lot of people:

I’m speaking from experience and in the Philippine context, you appear to be speaking from another perspective! Having been raised as a Catholic back in the Philippines during the 60s & the 70s and having been exposed to how the Catholic Church propagates the Faith here in Australia I can say objectively that the Catholic Church in the Philippines has ceased to give people genuine choices due to its “wholesale approach”.

Choices?  What “genuine choices?”  Doesn’t the guy realize that the only choice is between salvation and non-salvation?  The problem with this poster is that he never bothered to deepen his Catholic faith in the Philippines.

In comparison the Catholic Church here in Australia encourages freedom of choice and freewill which is not caught up in religious rituals because the Roman Catholic Church is aware that they are preaching to a more discerning flock. The way I see it the Roman Catholic Church here in Australia has moved with the times.

So now, it is Australian Catholicism and Filipino Catholicism and the former is superior. 

In essence Roman Catholic catechism in the Philippines is interspersed with local customs and traditions which suit the earlier Spanish friars who were given the task of “wholesale conversion”. Unfortunately some of these local customs and traditions that were maintained up to now have no real bearing on what the scriptural essence is which is encapsulated in John 3:16.

This statement reeks with the ignorance of the poster.  “Wholesale conversion?”  What does that mean?  This is probably another one of those catch phrases that his Born Again pastors have drilled into them.  And he should have checked his history to see that the Spanish friars not only published but also created materials that were meant for the formation of the baptized Catholic.  And what “local customs and traditions” does he mean?  And why should these have a bearing on John 3:16?  The problem withi these Born Again “Christians” is that the only passage of the Bible they know is John 3:16 and they judge everything else according to it?  But I wonder whether the poster knows what that passage means within the whole of Scriptures!

It is a “myth” not to accept that the Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines is “obligatory” you only have to look at some of the rituals performed by the some which border on fanaticism to validate that. When looking at this phenomenon one should look at the how the Church propagates itself in the urban and rural areas and not just in the confines of a small middle class sample.

Who said Catholicism in the Philippines is obligatory?  Catholics tend to bring up their children as Catholics.  Let me see this guy bring up his children as an ADD.

The “RELIGION” teachers badgered us that if we don’t go to Church on Sunday we will surely burn in hell! I believe that this kind of religious ardour does not encourage spirituality after all Christianity is all bout developing personal relationships with God!

Don’t their ministers not badger them about their tithes?  Don’t their ministers not talk to them about hell and the punishment of sin?  He writes “I believe that this kind of religious ardour does not encourage spirituality after all Christianity is all bout developing personal relationships with God!”  Well, that is his opinion.  And besides, “personal relationship with God” as Born Again’s talk about it is cheap.

Do I condemn the Roman Catholic Church? If you read my response carefully I said that being born again has made me a better person and has enabled me to vary my lifestyle to include scriptural teachings that I have recently been empowered to discern. This means that I was able to reject what is not appropriate was taught to me by teachers who were taught that “Condemnation” is the essence of Christianity.

In my experience, those ex-Catholics who say they learned the wrong thing in Catholic school were the ones who were not paying attention in class. 

Do I condemn the Roman Catholic Church? If you read my response carefully my premise is that the Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines has ceased to fulfil the spiritual hunger and needs of the faithful.

Really.   As if he knows what is the hunger and need of the faithful here in the Philippines.

Did I say that the Roman Catholic Church teachings are incomplete? If you read my response carefully you will see that my premise is that in the Philippine context the teachings have been diluted with political agendas run by the very pompous elitist people assigned in trust to propagate the faith. Aren’t Church and State supposed to be separate independent entities?

Again this is ridiculous.  The Born Again’s have an incomplete bible; how can their teachings be more complete than the Catholic Church?  Diluted with political agenda?  Man, what does he think is Christianity, belief-system for disincarnated souls?  If gospel and politics is mixed up in Sunday sermons it is because the baptized Christian is also a political animal.  Or hasn’t he noticed that?

You make your own assumptions!

Of course.

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