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Homily Guides?

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Last February 11-16, we celebrated our 7th Ordinary Provincial Chapter. During one of the sessions, a proposal for the creation of Homily Guides that the friars can use was raised. The Homily Guide contemplated is intended to help the preacher integrate three things: the Mass readings, Augustinian spirituality and/or theology, and Augustinian values. If realized, such a homily guide would be unique in its genre. But it will be difficult to realize. For one thing, it is difficult to integrate Augustinian spirituality and theology into a homily. Second, the same is true with Augustinian values. Whoever made the proposal was being idealistic, but not practical.

The integration of Augustinian values, Augustinian spirituality and theology and the liturgical readings cannot occur in a homily guide. The integration is made IN the preacher. An artist like Cerezo Barredo integrates in his illustrations three things: insight from the Sunday readings, the hopes of Latin American BECs, the skill of a seasoned illustrator. All these three elements are brought together in Cerezo Barredo himself who has cultivated his drawing skills at the service of the basic ecclesial communities into which he has immersed himself. A homily guide that gives a suggestion for: (a) the understanding of the liturgical texts (b) the understanding of such text in the light of Augustine’s thought, and (c) what “Augustinian values” can be drawn from the text can be constraining. If the homily guide is not done well, it can introduce more difficulties than the preacher can handle.

The proposal was received negatively by some friars because of the problem of “do-ability”. Who would do it?

To complete a homily guide with the specifications above for the three year cycle of the liturgy is a tall order. But it can be done. The question however is whether anyone will be willing to work on it. Ultimately, that is what we are interested in.

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