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OMGC’s representatives at Scripture Ventures had a meeting last night where they discussed how to “channel” to the rest of the parish the training they received for five days in Tagaytay.  Rose (SLT), Evelyn (JOD), Fr. Abet (TRAIL, Ben was absent) discussed first the kind of training each one received and the benefits they derived from it and  then talked about the ways by which the parish may benefit from the kind of training each received.

Rose who is a catechist and head of OMGC’s Education Committee sees in her SLT course the beginnings of a formation programme for the youth and the leaders of the parish’s different organizations.  Evelyn’s training in “Joy of Discovery” may also be beneficial for the people who really would like to have a deeper understanding of the Bible.  In this regard, she also expressed her openness to the possibility that Fr. Abet may ask her to help him in the Bible Study course he is about to reopen on the first Saturday of August this year.  Fr. Abet who attended the TRAIL module with Ben Tindoy shared a discussion he had with some of the leaders of the parish last Sunday.  He said that the PREX graduates are waiting for a formation program that would deepen the initial parish renewal experience they received.  The current setup in the parish assumes that the religious organizations they enter after the PREX graduation would be enough to answer their need for spiritual growth and accompaniment.  This is not the case.  Whatever followups the PREX graduates need should come from a comprehensive parish program that is formative.   In this sense, the BEC program would be a lot of help.  Apart from the PREX, Fr. Abet also mentioned the Parish Bible Programme and the “Homes Along the Riles” Prayer and Bible group as beneficiaries of the training received from Scripture Ventures.

As a line of action resulting from the meeting, the group resolved to gather all the member OMGC parishioners who have recently undergone trainings related to the BEC to regularly meet.  Their main task would be make available to the parish whatever training they may have received in recent time, to develop them by making themselves available to the parish as resources for whatever training or formation program that the parish sets up and perhaps even to become a basic cell community whose experience in community-building may serve as a model for the future BEC that the parish would like to be transformed into.

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