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Rebuilding the Church via Cell Groups

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The project to create Basic Ecclesial Communities in the parish is working.  We currently have 14 parishioners coming from our Homes Along The Railway sector undergoing training for working in cell groups apart from 13 others coming from the different subdivisions who will be doing the same.  With our HAR parishioners, we cover two big blocks of families living along side the railroad.  There is a third block (Maligaya 4) which will be joining them soon.

Our basic strategy has been for the most part to establish small cell groups and to encourage the members of those cell groups to undergo BEC-related training programs.  One of these training programs was held some two weeks ago.  Of those who originally attended the initial program, 50% showed interest in undergoing further training in Prayer, Ministry and the Study of the Word.  Alongside this training program, the Bible Team Ministry of the Parish has been planning ways to involve more people to share their talents in our efforts to rebuild the parish from the ground up.  One plan was to establish the children’s catechetical hour after the 9 AM Sunday Mass.  Part of the objective of this program is to involve other people, especially the young, to work among the children of the parish.  This will involve opportunities for training new people in the work of catechizing.

Further, we have completed the directory of those parishioners who have completed the Parish Renewal Experience Course.   We will soon be dividing them into areas and will be retraining some of the more interested ones for the facilitation of cell groups.  Through the PREX, we hope to come up with enough numbers of cell groups that would turn  the members of our parish into families that truly gather around the Word of God and allow themselves to be transformed into the evangelizing agents they are meant to be.  Towards the end of this month, we will once more hold a PREX weekend that we will take as an opportunity for introducing the concept of BECs.  Until now, we have been asking our PREX graduates to join the different organizations in the parish in the hope that these will give them their ongoing formation in the Christian life.  What the organizations offer, however, is not enough.  We hope that by turning our PREX graduates into members of cell groups, we can allow them to continue their Christian formation within a community of brothers and sisters.



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