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Next Sunday’s Gospel and PREX Module Proposal

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The cell group meeting for the parish’s Bible Team Ministry was fine inspite of the low turn out of attendees. The gospel for next Sunday is about the greatest commandments but instead of letting the group go through it following the process we have already decided on, I introduced another method, that of reading Scriptures with the aid of the Catechism. My purpose in the exercise was to show the participants how the Catechism can be fruitfully used for going deep into a Gospel passage. In fact, one of the things about this method is that for someone who is not familiar with the Bible, the Catechism not only explains but also provides cross references to other biblical texts that help one to get a more “rounded” appreciation of the bible passage under study.

What moved me to make this change was an experience I had this morning while preparing myself for another dig at the Sunday gospel. To be frank, I wasn’t at all that affected by the Sunday Gospel. All that talk about Caesar’s coin didn’t give me any spiritual insights at all. Not until I opened up the Catechism to see what it says abou the passage. It turns out that the Catechism — quite surprisingly for me — uses the passage in a paragraph that talks about legitimate dissent to authority. And remembering the images on TV I’ve seen during this past week, especially that of rallyists getting hosed, I began to revise my homily. And the homily I delivered after that turned out to be a bombshell to those who were listening. The gospel was not so much about Caesar’s coin as what we are to render to God. And it was the Catechism that helped me see it.

The other thing that I feel good about this night is that the PREX Advanced Module I am proposing was received warmly by the group. I am also particularly happy about the way the module turned out(I started work on it yesterday although I’ve been thinking about it for several days now). It is made up of seven conferences the end product of which is to make the participants realize that it is not enough to be renewed; one must also respond to the call to mission. That is, mission to build up one ‘s parish. I’ll be posting the module on a wiki soon and work on it via the web. Somone from the group expressed her desire to try out the Wiki experience by helping me edit the module. That’s great. My first Wiki partner.

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