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Prayers from Hearts That Wait

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Tonight we reflected on the gospel reading for this coming Sunday (Sunday III, Advent, Year B). After reading the liturgical selection, I asked the participants to read in silence the whole first chapter of John until verse 28. After that I explained the the phrase “This is the testimony of John” (verse 19) in the perspective of the keyword “light” in the first Gospel.

Though many thought of John the Baptist as the Prophet awaited for, he was adamant that there was somebody else — “whom you do not recognize” — whose sandals he cannot unstrap (that is, whom he cannot replace). John the Baptist whom the Lord considered to be the Elijah would one day come to signal the end of a dispensation, was the moon that shone in the dark but whose light pointed to a greater light, the light of the Son of God.

Within the perspective of this brief reflection, and after reminding the participants that the Catechism instructs us make our own the intensity of John’s expectation of the Lord and his commitment to preparing way for his coming, I asked them to compose prayers that expresses the meaning of the gospel passage for them. Here are the prayers they composed (The response to all is “Come, O Lord, for you are my light and my salvation”).

For our Church leaders that they may always be our living model for the faith, good relationship and love so that in their witnessing, all parioshioners are led to being good Christians in thought and deed.

Come, O Lord, for you are my light and my salvation.

For all families that all members will always be enlightened to the true meaning of love and good relationship so that each family will become lights enought to create a world which is full of love and life.

Come, O Lord, for you are my light and my salvation.

Lord, I am preoccupied with so many things. Whatever I do give the grace to know my priorities. And may these things be done in accordance to your will and for the glory of your name.

Come, O Lord, for you are my light and my salvation.

Lord God, give me the courage to be like John the Baptist who testifiied to you. Help me to purify myself and be a light that shines for others, to be your instrument for others so that they may see you, believe in you and be renewed in spirit. Lord, show me the way.

Come, O Lord, for you are my light and my salvation

Come, O Lord for we are in darkness. We don’t have peace, justice and truth. Shine your light on us that the darkness covering our existence may be lifted. Bestow upon us your grace and mercy, that those who grope in the dark may find you and themselves.

Come, O Lord, for you are my light and my salvation

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