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The BEC Experiment Continues

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BEC Seminar

We just finished the first of a two-day BEC seminar organized for the Olympia I visita of our parish. Several of the families that hosted our weekly bible sharing sessions were present. The seminar is similar to the one we earlier held for the Adelina II-IIA visita but with some difference. Those who attended the seminar at Adelina II-IIA were street coordinators of the visita; this afternoon’s participants were all families who have had an experience of our bible faith sharing sessions and were interested to be part of it. Even in the resources used, the Olympia I seminar is better than the previous one: we made use of LCD projectors, Microsoft Powerpoint presentations, and other utilities that, though low tech, are still quite useful in bringing ideas across to a number of people (e.g. a white board).

The Olympia I bible sharing group has been regularly meeting every Saturday at 4 PM for more than a year now. Our arrangement might sound weird at first since we don’t stay in one place. The group holds its sessions in different homes within the subdivision with no particular order. This way, the group has held its meetings with more than six members but never less than five. Through time, it has began to include in its sessions not only the lolo’s and lola’s but also teens and the parents with their children. The regular members of the group include a student from the CSA-Binan grade school, a member of the Couples for Christ, another from the S. Monica Prayer Group, one from the Mother Butler’s Guild, the visita President, an out-of-school youth and myself. Others who are less regular though frequently present are housewives, a young father with his son. Recently, a baby has been joining our sessions. The group holds a lot of promise.

Next week we will have the last day of this initial seminar. If the interest is still there, we might be able to hold the first BEC leadership training session after a short while.

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