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Some More Materials for Apologetics

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In the blog post “In Defense of the Trinity and the Council of Nicea” I listed some articles from the old Bible Workshop.  Here are some more links from the Apologetics section:

In How The Cults Are Twisting Scriptures, I provide a link to an online copy of the summary of the scripture-twisting tactics employed by cults found in a book called “How the Cults are Twisting Scriptures.” The list contains brief discussions of these scripture-twisting techniques, of which the same are recognizable in ADD and INC preachings. Perhaps, the title alone could already give you an idea of what I mean. Here are some…

  • twisted translation
  • ignoring the immediate context
  • saying but not citing
  • ignoring alternative explanations
  • supplementing biblical authority

In New Development in Eli’s Ecclesiology, I write about the way Eli Soriano legitimizes his claim that his Iglesya ng Diyos is the true Church. I wrote the blog around the time when I was still following his TV program closely. I called Eli’s answer a “new development” because he was trying to go around a much more pointed question that he could not answer: “Since salvation is from Jerusalem” as he frequently says to prepare the audience for an attack on Catholicism (which he says is from Rome), “then wouldn’t it be more logical to join one of the churches found in Jerusalem?” The question is embarassing because there are more Catholic churches in Jerusalem than there are ADD coordinating centers. His answer to the question whether his church is the true Church avoids this embarassment.

In Confronting the Attacker, I write about a TV program hosted by Patrick Madrid for EWTN. I don’t know whether it is still on cable, but the particular segment I write about deals with techniques on how to confront door-to-door evangelists.

The following blogs are from the old AgustinongPinoy blogs, and are written in Filipino.

In Ang Debating Style ng Iglesya ni Manalo, I post a link to a report made by American apologist, Keating, about a debate he had with the apologists of the Iglesya ni Cristo based in the States. I am quite sure that anyone who has discussed with an Iglesya ni Manalo member would sympathize with Keating.

In Ang Pangalan ng Iglesya ni Manalo I write my reaction to an INC TV program where Jun Ventilacion, a supposed INC biblical expert (he studied in the Hebrew University, it seems) explains how the name Iglesya ni Cristo is derived from the Bible. The segment tries to explain away the fact that the name “Church of Christ” is not found in the Bible as they claim. In the program, Ventilacion explains that the name is based on Jesus’ statement: “Upon this rock, I will build my Church“.

Finally, in Bibliya Nga Lang Ba? I explain that the teaching “sola Scriptura” is not based on the Bible. I give additional links to other articles I’ve written in English about the same topic.

Update: October 26, 2008

Recovered Blogs

This is probably the third time that I am making available the blogs of AgustinongPinoy between the years 2004 and 2005. These are the same blogs that included articles about the Iglesya Ni Kristo ni Manalo and the Ang Dating Daan, among other things. But the reason why I keep going back to these blogs is that they contain a record of what I’ve been doing on the web and the people — both known and not — who have been helping keep my place in the WWW.

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