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The Bible Workshop Almost Finished

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I have decided to put all the materials I am making for the different formation programs I am engaged in together with articles on how these are being employed in a section of Res Biblica that I will call “The Bible Workshop”.  The name is not new.  I’ve used it before for a blog set up by the makers of the Serendipity weblog system.  But the contents of the site was limited to tips on how to study the Scriptures with and without a computer.  The present “Bible Workshop” intends to complement the materials given at Res Biblica in different ways.

Res Biblica has become my resource site for the Sunday readings after I closed down Otium Sanctum  (read this for the reason).  At present it has several articles on the Sunday readings explained as these appear in a book of the Scriptures: with an interest in the structure and theology.  Together with these explanations are guides for reflecting on the selected reading and a questionnaire (in Tagalog) intended for people who wish to read the passage(s) as they stand grammatically and syntactically (e.g. who, what, where, which verb or adjective, etc…).  The Bible Workshop will expand on these through articles that show how the liturgy lends its own meaning to the text in the way texts are selected and put side-by-side.  The meaning that the liturgy gives the Scriptures in this manner is called by some as an “accomodated sense” which preachers would do well also to consider as they proclaim the Word of God.  This aspect of the liturgy is in a way an application of the concepts I have described in an article written several years ago on the relationship among Scriptural passages that are forged in Christian prayer and worship (Parallel Texts, Textual Resonances and the Liturgy). 

Another way by which the Bible Workshop supplements Res Biblica is that it will present the context in which the I carry out the biblical apostolate offline.  It is this aspect which a lot of those who visit the AgustinongPinoy sites are interested in.  One trained in biblical exegesis is expected to work in Universities and Bishops’ conferences.  I don’t.  I would have preferred to stay in a cave and work on a translation of the Scriptures, but the opportunity has not been given to me.  Instead, I work in a parish that presents a lot of opportunities in the ministry, especially in the areas of lay formation and the building-up of basic cell communities of faith.  During these years, I have come up with a lot of materials that people have been asking from me to be used in their own work.  I intend to make the Bible Workshop a kind of store room for these “raw” materials; a storeroom that others may visit and from which they may take whatever they find useful.

This new section of the Res Biblica is not yet ready for public viewing though.  I’ll still need a month of work on it before I could divulge the link to it.  When it is ready, the announcement will be posted here.

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