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10 Thoughts on my 44th

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10. Webmastering finally started to pay off. I knew more people this year via the web. Interaction is chiefly through email though. But this is much much better than the previous years where I wondered whether people think my pages are useful or not.

9. The cell group meetings I am conducting at the parish are beginning to change the way I perceive group interactions with the Scriptures. I am also finding out how true it is that people, life and text get mixed up in the proper way, the text comes alive in people’s transformed lives.

8. A priest’s life is ministry to Word and Sacraments. This is Augustine’s concept of the priesthood and I had the chance to see that concept come alive in the parish this year in a very clear way.

7. The work at Maligaya which I started in mid-year has allowed me to have a stronger contact with real people struggling with real problems and showing me what heroism means.

6. “The happiness that God reserves for those who love Him” is no longer just a statement that sounds true. I’ve seen the glow in the faces of people who have that happiness.

5. “God will make a way.” Is not just a line from a song. God DOES create the way when one finds oneself at a dead end. I got bailed out from a financial difficulty this year, and it happened when I stopped thinking of ways to bail myself out of it. Ironic? Go figure!

4. Youth is vitality, energy, creativity. Old age is focus, prudence, thanksgiving and humility. When you have all these that is called “maturity.” I am not growing old! I am just getting more mature.

3. As the years multiply, memory also lengthens. Because of this, the older one gets, the more one should recollect — not just reminisce — thank God, ask for His mercy, be more forgiving (since God forgives to the measure that one forgives) and turn once gaze to the moment that really matters: the day of final release. I’ve seen great people grow old this way. It is one of the lessons that only a few realize should also be learned. I learned it this year.

2. The young may look stupid in their incessant pursuit of love, truth and happiness in the wrong places. But I was young too. This realization helps me to be patient with them and to be a little bit more encouraging.

1. On my 44th birthday, two things I ask: that I reach a hundred, and that I may be prepared when I meet my God in death.

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