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The Tortuous Heart

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“Most tortuous is the human heart; it is exceedingly corrupt. Who can know it?” Jer. 17:9.

Who hasn’t had an experience of the deceitful wickedness of the human heart? If one can’t see it in oneself, others will provide an example. I can point out to two, but that would be an overkill. After all, I am not posting this verse here for commentary. I post it here so as to remind myself of the verse reference. There have been times when I’d look through my Bible looking for the verse about the “deceitful heart”. I knew it was from Jeremiah, but I just couldn’t remember the chapter and the verse.

The human heart. What a mystery! Augustine in his Confessions looked at the abyss of his own heart and cried out: “I have become a great question to myself.” He wrote that, remembering his teenage life. But the heart is not only a problem when it is young and inexperienced. Even those who are already old and wizened can still be influenced by the crookedness of their hearts. Look at the case of the old men who tried to seduce Susana. Solomon was wise. But his many wives drew his heart away to go after idols.

John Paul II writes in Redemptor Hominis that the incarnation was such that the Son of God penetrated the human heart in a “unique and unrepeatable way.” (RH, 2, 8) In doing so, he changed its parameters such that now the heart of Jesus has become the pattern for every human heart. The redemption of the world, writes John Paul II

this tremendous mystery of love in which creation is renewed – is, at its deepest root, the fullness of justice in a human Heart – the Heart of the First-born Son – in order that it may become justice in the hearts of many human beings, predestined from eternity in the Firstborn Son to bé children of God and called to grace, called to love.

That is why the heart of every man must be remodelled after that of Christ. A conversion of hearts and minds is needed so that Jesus, the Son of God, can truly be the first born of many brothers.

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