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Records of an Ecclesial Experiment

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The BEC Project at the MGCP is progressing. Since the last time I wrote about it (three months ago) we have begun holding training sessions for our BEC leaders regularly. We have more than ten cell leaders under advanced training now coming from four areas of the parish and three more under basic training. The BEC Training modules were developed from the seminars we have been holding since 2005. Below are BEC-related posts in this site; they are also records of what we are doing at the parish. There are others, but the ones below are representative and carry links to the other articles. I am posting this here as a record for those who are interested to find out about this ongoing experiment.   Most of the articles are from the year 2008.  Links to the articles written before that are in the article entitled “Milestones in a Journey”

BEC in the MGCP: Milestones in a Journey
(March 2009). This is a history of our BEC project in the Mother of Good Counsel Parish. When I posted the article, we already established a foothold in the Homes-Along-the-Railway (HAR) areas of the parish, with two cell communities from the subdivisions providing me help. Just a month before posting this article, I started tying up the BEC project with the PREX which by this time was already the recognized formation program.
Link to Milestones
My Interest in the BEC
(April 2008) A follow-up to the article in March 2008 entitled “Milestones in a Journey”. I wrote the article after remembering what I told one of the friars after he asked me why I wanted to move from school apostolate to parish apostolate back in 2004. I said simply that I still had some things that I haven’t yet worked on. I was referring to a paper I wrote for a degree in Bachelor of Theology: The Militant Reading of the Scriptures.
Link to My Interest
When Was the First Bible Cell Meeting?
(July 2008). I like this piece. I was going through the site statistics of the Mystical Geek and found a search query that said “When was the first cell meeting”? Realizing that the question was really “When is the first cell meeting in the Bible?”, I gave my response. And it is biblical too, with some links to articles already existing in the web.
Link to My Interest
Rebuilding the Church via Cell Groups
(September 2005). The article was written just after I and a member of the New Jerusalem Community started some seminars on BEC-buildiing. The seminars were carried out in “experimental” areas of the parish. We hoped that by holding the seminars, we can open up the understanding of the faithful to the reality of BECs. The seminars produced some cell groups.
Link to Rebuilding
The Tools of a BEC Leader
(August 2008) This is an article I wrote for our emerging cell leaders. Here, I discuss seven tools that a BEC cell leader should have. The article actually became one of my materials for the PREX-BEC Modules I have prepared for the parish.
Link to The Tools
A Bible Cell Group In Every Street
(April 2008). This is the first time I wrote about what would be the objective of the BEC program we are carrying out at the Mother of Good Counsel Parish today. About this time, my experiences with two cell groups helped me realize that we were doing something new — establishing the BEC in an urban area.
Link to A Bible Cell Group
From Bible Study to Prayer and Contemplation
(May 2008) One of the modules of “The Intelligent Reading of Scriptures” rewritten for the web. This is how we make our BEC cell meetings launchpads for prayer and meditation. The inspiration is a quote from Ambrose one finds in Dei Verbum: “When you read, God speaks to you; when you pray, you speak to God”
Link to From Bible Study
Sentence Flows: Towards a More Objective Study of the Sacred Text
(September 2008) The “Sentence Flow” was something I saw in one of the handouts of our theology students studying at Maryhill School of Theology back in 1993-94. I was using it for the ACUP seminars in the University of San Agustin when I was still working there in the late 90’s. I introduced it to our parish in conjunction with the modules I prepared for “The Intelligent Reading of Scriptures.”
Link to Sentence Flows
Reading Scriptures Intelligently
(March 2008) “Reading Scriptures Intelligently” is the title of an article I submitted to Suite101.COM (May 1, 2000). I developed it into a series of modules for aspiring cell leaders in our parish.
Link to Reading Scriptures
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