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Again, On the Reproductive Health Bill

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This afternoon I received an envelope from the Diocese of San Pablo bearing “A Catechism on the Reproductive Health Bill”. The catechism is in question and answer form similar to the Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. It was prepared by the Diocese’s Commission on Family and Life. The twenty questions that make up the catechism are the following:

  1. What is the Catechism on the Reproductive Health Bill?
  2. What is the purpose of this Catechism?
  3. What is the Reproductive Health Bill?
  4. How do we approach this Bill?
  5. What is wrong about the Bill that seeks to alleviate poverty targetting “the poorest of the poor and the marginalized” as its main beneficiaries?
  6. Why do you say the bill violates the Constitution?
  7. Why is the Church against the Bill?
  8. By actively opposing the Bill, does not the Church violate the principle of separation of Church and State, and meddles in the political arena which is outside of its competence?
  9. What is the social doctrine of the Church in relation to the RHB?
  10. What is the moral issue in the RHB?
  11. The proponents of the bill say the country is alarmingly populous and the staggering rise of population must be stopped to alleviate creeping poverty.
  12. What is the NSSM 200 and how is it related to the RHB
  13. Is the RHB an arena for the Church vs. State showdown?
  14. How about the surveys, according to them the SWS survey shows most of the people want the RHB?
  15. Is Contraception legal in the country?
  16. Why do you say that the RHB is anti-poor?
  17. What specific provisions of the RHB are objectionable?
  18. Is it true that the bill if enacted will prevent resort to abortion, according to its proponents?
  19. Can one claim to be an authentic Catholic at the same time embrace and support beliefs contrary to the teaching of the Church?
  20. How are we faithful to the teachings of the Church’s stand in the RHB issue?

Note that the questions echo what the detractors of the Church have been saying regarding it’s opposition to the Reproductive Health Bill. The question-and-answer format in fact makes it easier for people to go through the misconceptions regarding the Church’s position. Such misconceptions are evident from Discussion Fora like this.

I am reiterating what I have written in this post. The passing of the Reproductive Health Bill into law is does nothing to solve the ills of the Filipino nation, ills that are rooted in government corruption and a politics that is geared to the personal enrichment of the same politicians who will support the bill.

The argument that there are too many Filipinos that cannot be provided from the resources of this country is an age-old myth perpetrated by people from Manila who are the ones benefitting from the offers of contraceptive manufacturers. How much, I wonder, are US and European based companies offering our legislators for them to pass the so-called “Health” Bill? The population explosion is due to people from our countrysides flocking to Manila and big cities because they cannot find any means of better livelihood in their own places. There is in fact, right now, the problem of depopulation.

We have a lot of resources, but these are undeveloped! We lack food because our government hasn’t been helping our farmers do their work. We cannot give education to our growing number of students because our teachers are going to Singapore and Hongkong to work as domestic helpers. We have a lot of squatters in our big cities – those coming from the provinces – because our politicians and civil servants have been busy enriching themselves rather than doing their jobs.

The Catechism on the Reproductive Bill is meant for the priests of the diocese to study and to include in lay formation programs. I would like to see a Tagalog translation of the catechism however, and a web document version of it so as to make its distribution easier.

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