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Where is “Ten Augustinian Values”?

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Where is the site for Ten Augustinian Values?” I’ve been asked this question several times and in several ways for the past few months. The reason is that the website that used to house the article called “Ten Augustinian Values” yields an empty directory. This is because I stopped paying the hosting services for AngFrayle.Net . After Yahoo ownership changed, the hosting services became so expensive for me that I simply had to stop using it. So I transferred the article “Ten Augustinian Values” to AgustinongPinoy ( where it can be accessed now. So now you know where it can be found…

Ten Augustinian Values

Since posting the article on the web in 1999, I’ve seen how it has been used in some parts of the Order as a working paper on Values Education. Ideas can have a life of their own once they get out. Apart from the work being done by other friars in this area, I have also published a slightly modified version of the article in the CSA-Bacolod Research Journal (2004, if I remember rightly) and have written articles about those values at AgustinongPinoy. Below is a list of these articles:

  • Ten Augustinian Values Revisited (2007)
  • Ten Augustinian Values: A Diagram (2005)
  • Ten Augustinian Values Revisited I (2005)
  • Being Church: Lay Augustinian Spirituality I (2005)
  • Being Church: Lay Augustinian Spirituality II (2005)

All the above are accessible through this page. Apart from these, I was maintaining a blog on “Augustinian Values” which went down with the old AngFrayle.Net. I can no longer retrieve the content of those blogs because the data were contained in flat files that I didn’t care to back up (so stupid of me, I know). Work on the Sunday readings at Res Biblica ( , the daily readings ( and the Bible Workshop ( has prevented me from doing any further work on the Augustinian Values. Perhaps the next line of work on the subject would be to present the biblical passages — as preached by Augustine — that are related to each value. Pilch and Malina published a book on Values that showed how the social values of biblical Israel shaped some of the concepts we find in the Scriptures. Perhaps it would be a good idea to see how Augustine understood and preached on what we now call “Augustinian values” and how Augustine’s understanding of such values created an impact on the saints of the Order of St. Augustine in particular and on the spirituality of the Order as a whole. But that would be an encyclopedic work. Another line of work — more observational and less wordy — would be to see how these values are becoming recognizable in a group that is “Augustinian”. “Augustinian” here means any group that bears the quality which Paul VI called “Augustinian-ness”, the love for Augustine and things Augustinian — and not just because of any association with an Augustinian, friar or community. I think that if Balbino Rano were still alive today (God rest his soul) he’d be able to explain this meaning of “Augustinian-ness”. I can’t. The last time I brought up the subject, I was laughed at. And it is a word that even appears in one of Paul VI’s speeches to the Augustinians gathered for a General Chapter!

But that is beside the point.

The point is that when an Augustinian friar works with the laity, whether in the parish or at school, some aspect of his “Augustinian-ness” will be caught. Most often, it is the spirit of community, as in the case of the students and teachers that the friars left behind in Bonner High. It is after all the charism of the Order. But then, other people would also mention “friendship”, and others still “service”, and so on. In Europe, people recognize in us not only “fraternal friendship” but also “science and knowledge” (discussed in Ten Augustinian Values as “the pursuit of wisdom and truth”) “humility” and “service”. In fact, there was a king who described the Augustinian friars as “small in words but big in works”! What I am saying is that it would be a good idea if we can come up with a study — socio-psychological, perhaps? — that illustrates how the Augustinian values become recognizable in groups that are “Augustinian” and see how these values can be used as a means for making Augustinian spirituality (and theology) contribute to the maturation of the members of these groups in the Christian life. The Jesuits have their “Exercises”; perhaps Augustinian spirituality can be made to impact the Christian life through group dynamics and values formation. I guess this is what they are already doing at Villanova and in the schools run by the Spanish Augustinians in the Philippines. I am trying out this possibility in the Basic Ecclesial Communities in our parish. Perhaps, who knows, it is in such communities that Augustinian spirituality as lived from “Augustinian values” can flourish.

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