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Bible Software for Online Study

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John Dyer is a pastor; he is also a programmer.  He has created two websites that allow a reader to read the Hebrew and Greek, i.e., the Old Testament (Protestant canon) and the New Testament in the original languages.  He created the Greek and Hebrew Bible Reader (, he explains, because he wanted a tool that allows him to learn to read the Scriptures in the original languages in a way that Bible software do not.  The other website is found at which allows one to read the Hebrew, Septuagint and Greek New Testament side by side with modern translations or standard (Protestant) Bible notes.


The application found at BibleWebbApp is still under development.  John Dyer informs me that he will be housing both apps at in the future.

Personally, I find the Greek and Hebrew Bible Reader useful despite its limitation:  it does not have the Septuagint.  The text of the New Testament is based on the Tischendorf text with morphology; the Hebrew text is based on the Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia (morphology, not functional.)



One can study bible verses line-by-line or in context.  The text can be copied as formatted to the clipboard and pasted to MS Word for printing.  I have been doing this for creating Sentence Flows based on either the Hebrew or Greek text.  This web application complements Biblia Clerus which I use for preparing sermons and modules for our parish’s BEC Advanced Training.


Biblia Clerus is the bible software offered by the Congregation for the Clergy and is downloadable for free.  Biblia Clerus is useful for reading Scriptures according to the liturgy.  Texts from the Fathers, Doctors and the Magisterium are also offered for helping one read Scriptures in eodem Spiritu in quo scripta erant.

One other limitation of the web applications of John Dyer is the absence of the Search feature.  For this, one will need The Word (  It is a bible software offered for free by a Greek Orthodox programmer.  The program allows one to access the Septuagint, Masoretic text and three flavors of the Greek NT (Stephanus, Tischendorf, Westcott-Hort), apart from the texts used by the Greek Orthodox Church many modern translations.

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