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The Word

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There are a lot of Bible softwares available on the web that I am quite sure some people would find useful. There is one however that I’ve found more useful than others. It is called “The Word”. Currenly it is in version 3.+ and allows one to access multiple bibles including ones in the original languages. The website offers most of these for free. Lately, the author has also made available old Filipino Bibles in the Cebuano and Tagalog languages.

The word

While one can use the software to access the Vulgate, the Septuagint, the Hebrew Massoretic text and even a Catholic translation like the Douay-Rheims-Challoner, it is built on a structure that is heavily Protestant. The dictionaries and other tools for interpretation it employs are classics of Protestantism: the Treasury of Scripture Knowledge and Strong’s Hebrew and Greek dictionaries, for example. The software then allows one to find parallel passages and similar texts as catalogued in Protestant lists of linked bible verses. Protestant bibles however are short of seven Old Testament books and this deficiency is reflected in the program’s modules. The Septuagint and the Vulgate OT for example reflect the Protestant canon, not the Catholic.

What impresses me about the software is the search function which can practically help one build up concordance in any language if one has the desire for it. We don’t have concordances of the bible in either Tagalog or Cebuano but “The Word” is able to make a search on a word like “talinghaga”, for example, and give the results in less than a second. The application does not only give a list of the verses where the word appears, it also allows one to see the contents of the verse in a mouseover popup!


Another useful feature of “The Word” is that one can incorporate one’s own notes in the application. The current version in fact allows the user to type in one’s favorite verse-by-verse commentary into the software. This feature would be useful if one, for example, would want to link individual verses of the bible to the Catechism of the Catholic Church (although this wouldn’t be really necesssary since another Bible software — the Biblia Clerus — already does that beautifully).

Finally, if one would really like to go into line-by-line comparisons of particular translations with the original languages, there is a compare feature that one can customize so that only those bibles that one wishes to see would appear for a comparison. I set up the application so that it would show me the Hebrew (when needed), LXX, Vulgate, Cebuano and Tagalog bibles


“The Word” is best appreciated when used. You may download the software from

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