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E-sword from is a freeware Bible application that can compete with commercial ones. For one thing, it provides the user not only a functional software but also a website that can help one make the most of its software. “E-sword” is so named because of the passage in Hebrews 4:12; the prefix “e-” has become a fashionable way of indicating electronic versions of an object. So “e-sword” actually refers to an electronic “Bible” (Although I must say that Hebrews 4:12 does not refer to the Word of God as the Bible only but to Jesus Christ, the Word of God Incarnate, and apostolic tradition. It is a Bible-only bias that makes one read Hebrews 4:12 and think of the “written” Word of God.). Furthermore, “E-sword” does not only provides one Bible but several ones, including bibles in the original languages and classical translations like the Vulgate, the King James Version, Douay-Rheims and the Tagalog Ang Biblia (1900s). (Click on the graphics below for a bigger view.)

The features of the software facilitates one’s study of the Scriptures. Like “the Word” which we have had the occassion to write about it, the “e-Sword” follows the Protestant penchant for line-by-line study. Catholics make sure that they get the context first before they get into the details of grammatical and word analysis and then work from the parts to a better appreciation of the whole. The Biblia Clerus reflects this procedure. The “e-Sword” on the other hand makes one access books of the Bible verse-by-verse allowing one to study each part of a passage in a detailed way. With the help of certain modules that incorporate Strong’s numbers, one can even look for similar words or parallel texts throughout the Scriptures for one verse.


The e-Sword website makes available several commentary and dictionary modules that are well integrated into the software. A dictionary like the ISBE and Easton provides one with popup texts for biblical references. Commentaries like Matthew Henry’s and the Treasury of Scripture Knowledge are accessed through the verses that one clicks. These dictionaries and commentaries are classics in Protestant exegesis. But one can also integrate one’s own commentary into the software through the “Topic Notes” and “Study Notes” panels of the software.


The application also has a powerful search feature that allows one to make quick searches based on Strong’s numbers or on particular words in the translation one currently works on. For example, did you know that the word “Panginoon” occurs in Ang Biblia’s gospel of Luke in the following passages?

Luk 1:6; 1:9; 1:11; 1:15; 1:16; 1:17; 1:25; 1:28; 1:38; 1:43; 1:45; 1:46; 1:58; 1:66; 1:68; 1:76; 2:9; 2:11; 2:15; 2:22; 2:23; 2:24; 2:26; 2:29; 2:39; 3:4; 4:8; 4:12; 4:18; 4:19; 5:8; 5:12; 5:17; 6:5; 6:46; 7:6; 7:13; 7:19; 9:54; 9:59; 9:61; 10:1; 10:2; 10:17; 10:21; 10:27; 10:39; 10:40; 10:41; 11:1; 11:39; 12:36; 12:37; 12:41; 12:42; 12:43; 12:45; 12:46; 12:47; 13:8; 13:15; 13:23; 13:25; 13:35; 14:21; 14:22; 14:23; 16:3; 16:5; 16:8; 16:13; 17:5; 17:6; 17:37; 18:6; 18:41; 19:8; 19:16; 19:18; 19:20; 19:25; 19:31; 19:34; 19:38; 20:13; 20:15; 20:37; 20:42; 20:44; 22:33; 22:38; 22:49; 22:61; 24:34;

The fact that there is no available concordance for Ang Biblia makes the e-Sword application really useful.

Then like “the Word”, the e-Sword application has a comparison feature that allows one to see different versions of a verse or of a passage in two ways: for verse study or through parallel view. In comparison view, one can find nuances in the way a verse is translated in different versions. In parallel view, one can read a passage in context using the bibles one chooses. In the example below, I have chosen to read Luke 21:34-36 using the Greek NT, the Vulgate, ESV and Ang Biblia.


You can download this bible software from its website: E-Sword.Net. If you find it too complicated, you can also view some tutorials from the website (see “Training”). Apart from bibles, dictionaries and commentaries, one can also download some other electronic literature. I downloaded the Anti-Nicene Fathers, Tortured for Christ and the works of Josephus. One can also download maps and timelines.

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