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Vocation: A Collection of Links

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November is just around the corner. And for us Augustinians, November is Vocation Month. During this month we celebrate the birthday of St. Augustine and All the Saints of the Order of St. Augustine (November 13). Because of these two events, we celebrate November as Vocation Month: the time when we stir the consciousness of the faithful to an aspect of the Christian life that can easily be taken for granted: the discernment of one’s vocation.

In the past, “vocation” was associated with the priesthood and religious life. Until now, there are still those who when hearing the word think of priests and nuns. But “vocation” is not only for priests and religious. There are two sacraments of vocation: marriage and the priesthood. In fact, marriage is God’s call for a male to be united with a female that He Himself has chosen for him. Husband and wife are called to each other by God and united by Him in marriage as their particular way of responding to the general call to holiness. Even the call to the priesthood is a particular way of realizing one’s call to holiness. In this sacrament, conformity to Christ the Good Shepherd becomes one’s way to holiness. The call to religious life distinguishes itself from the other two in that it builds on one’s consecration in baptism. The Christian who takes up the life of religion has been chosen to follow Christ in a closer way through three additional vows, the practice of which is regulated by the Constitutions of a way of life recognized and approved by the Church. Our vocation month makes people aware of the “vocational aspect” of the Christian life while at the same time helping young people to discern how they will respond to the general call to holiness.

Below are articles in “the Mystical Geek” that are about the vocation to the priesthood and the religious life. These are articles I posted at different times between 2005 and 2009, although there are some articles that were written before those years (e.g. A Friar’s Story which was written in 2000). One article is on Augustine’s idea of the priesthood as Minister of Word and Sacraments. Two were written in reaction to a web article that misrepresents the Catholic priesthood (How to Become a Priest I and II). The article entitled “Discerning One’s Vocation (2005)” contains biblical passages that can help one understand the word “vocation” as used in the NT, especially in the letters of Paul. “Sign’s of a Vocation to the Priesthood and Religious Life” (2008) was written in answer to the question “How do I know whether I have a vocation to the priesthood or the religious life?”. “That Strange Friar” (2009) was written because of a conversation I had with a lay person regarding one of our religious brothers.

I am posting this collection of links not only to facilitate searches on this website but also because I know that there are a lot of our Knights of the Altar who hang out in Facebook and who just might read this article when they see its link posted on my Wall. Two former Knights of the Altar have entered our formation house (San Agustin Center of Studies, QC) while one of our parish’s PREX graduate has entered the Diocesan seminary of San Pablo. Perhaps this article may help the Knights who are graduating from High School to start paying attention to the question of vocation.

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