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Records of an Ecclesial Experiment II

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Below are links to articles on this website regarding the BEC Project in our parish. It complements another article that I posted back in 2008. Much has changed in the way our BEC Project is carried out. We are currently introducing modifications into the project that are intended to increase our number of cell leaders. The project however remains anchored on the Parish Renewal Experience.

Records of an Ecclesial Experiment

A collection of links to articles on the BEC project in our parish until 2008.
A Cell Group in Every Street (Sept. 4, 2009)
An account of a meeting with our cell leaders and the problems we encounter as we build up our cell communities in an urban setting.
Listening to the Gospel; Listening to the World
The article was based on an activity held by our BEC Advanced Team and marks the time when we first made our presence felt in our barangay. BEC cell groups can be a positive influence to its social environment if it truly is “Church”.
Sentence Flows: Making Sense of It

Our BEC cell leaders prepare the Sunday reading using “sentence flow” — a graphic representation of the way a scriptural text gives its message.
BEC and Scriptures: The Questions We Ask
In the BECs of our parish, we have a particular way of reading the text together. After the second time the text is read, the cell leader asks questions about the text. At first, he/she may sound like an elementary reading teacher asking the students what they have understood from reading the text. But he/she is actually doing more…
The BEC Project and the PREX at MGCP
Observations on the way I have integrated the Parish Renewal Experience to the BEC Project. This initial stage failed, but it is worth a read, especially now that we are modifying this “integration” somewhat.
Building Communities Through the PREX
I’ve said it before, and I am saying it again: the PREX is naturally geared towards the creation of Basic Ecclesial communities.
Like A Farmer Waiting
When you are working in the Lord’s field, you should know how to wait. Whether farmers or fishers-of-men waiting is a virtue.
The Spiritual Senses of Scriptures and the BEC
It was Carlos Mesters a Carmelite scripturist from Brazil who first gave me the idea that the Spiritual Senses of Scriptures are unlocked in a faith environment that brings together the text, pre-text and con-text.
Intelligent Reading of Scriptures Revisited
We read Scriptures intelligently in our BEC gatherings. Just how “intelligent” we do it is here discussed.
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