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World Day of Peace 2012

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A few days ago, the Bishop of San Pablo sent us two messages that the clergy of the diocese has to incorporate into their homilies for Christmas and for the New Year. One of these is Pope Benedict XVI’s message for the World Day of Peace 2012. January 1 is of course the Solemnity of the Mother of God but at the same time, the beginning of the year 2012.

The Pope’s Message for the World Day of Peace 2012 is six-numbered paragraphs long, is dedicated to the youth and to those upon whom the youth look upon for guidance. It can be outlined as follows:

  • Introduction (1)
    • Psalm 130 and the Present Times
    • A Message for the Youth
    • and those upon Whom the Youth Look to for Guidance
    • The Desire of the Young: To Look towards the Future with Solid Hope
  • Educators (2)
    • Educating and Witnessing
    • Family: the First School where True Education in Justice and Peace Takes Place
    • Threats Confronting the Family
    • The Help that Educational Institutions Political Leaders and the Media Can Give the Family
  • Educating in Truth and Freedom (3)
    • Man and Truth
    • Education and Freedom
    • Freedom and the Moral Law
    • Authentic Freedom and the PRomotion of Justice and Peace
  • Educating in Justice (4)
    • Justice and Transcendence
    • Charity and Justice
  • Educating in Peace (5)
    • Peace, A Description
    • Peace is Our Project
    • Peace, the Fruit of Justice
  • Raising One’s Eyes to God (6)
    • Justice, Peace and a Return to God
    • Admonitions to the Young
    • Cooperation for Peace

The Pope’s message reiterates the ideas we already find in the Compendium of Social Doctrines, especially the following:

(a)   that the family is the first school
(b)   that education in justice and peace takes place in the witnessing of parents and those whose task is to help families form its members (school, civic leaders, the media, etc.)
(c)   education in justice and peace begins with the true concept of man, that is, an understanding of man that is not reductive but integral and includes its transcendent vocation as the one being whom God wants for Himself;
(d)    that education should make the human being more free, that is, capable of living according to the moral law that has been written in his heart and responding fully to his transcendent vocation;
(e)   authentic freedom, or the right use of the same, is central to the promotion of justice and peace;
(f)   justice can never be detached from its “transcendent roots” for it is ultimately rooted in God who is love;
(g)    peace is not just the absence of war; it is inseparable from the common good, respect for the dignity of persons and peoples and the practise of fraternity;
(h)    peace is a common project;
(i)   peace is the fruit of justice;
(j)   commitment to justice and peace presupposes conversion, a turning towards God.

More from the following pages:

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