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Advanced Diary: Why not make it a Bible Diary?

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What does a diary software application normally offer? A calendar that is linked to dated entries. Sometimes, a diary software is so advanced that the text editor creates pages in Rich Text with the capacity to format text and insert images. The better ones even have the capacity to export a page or a group of entries into an RTF page. CSoft Lab’s Advanced Diary does more.

I’ve been using Advanced Diary for more than a year now and I find it useful for keeping a lot of notes. No, I don’t use it as if it were a diary. To me it is more of a log book of the day’s events. It covers my day in multiple databases and carries records of the things I do, whether at school, at home, or when I am on vacation. And even after more than a year of using it, I haven’t really discovered all of its features yet. Just the other day, I found myself marvelling at its Export-Import features!

pic  pic

Advanced Diary offers more than Export-Import features though. It works like a database with dated entries, you see. One does not only type into it. One can also attach files to a particular entry or even create a voice entry with the proper tools. One can also insert images into one’s RTF (Rich Text Format) entry or use the built-in smileys to spice up one’s typed page (a feature that teenagers would appreciate).

AdDi  AdDi2

The File Attachment feature is very useful. Everyday, I write a lot of articles that I store first in the computer before posting them somewhere. Sometimes, because I work on several files at the same time, I forget where I’ve put a particular article. The File Attachment feature allows me to keep track of the articles I work on in a per-daily-entry basis. I simply attach these to a daily entry in Advanced Diary.

pic  pic

Sometimes too I write my sermon notes in a daily entry. If there are already other existing notes relevant to the sermon I am preparing, I simply attach them to the entry. And when I try out how the sermon would come out in speech, I use the microphone and make a “Voice entry.”

Voice  File Attach

I use Advanced Diary to make notes — all kinds of notes. In fact, some of the things I write here were copied and pasted from disparate entries I made while still evaluating the software. The nice thing about this diary software is that it allows one to organize one’s entries under different folders while at the same time marking them under different categories. So for example, under the folder “BEC and Homily Notes” I have entries that are categorized as “Geeky Stuff” or “Sermon Notes” or even both. I can use the Search feature later on by limiting its range to entries under a particular or show only those entries under a particular category using the “Filter” feature. When you have hundreds of entries, you can easily find the one you need.

One can also Hyperlink texts in different ways: to a file in your computer, to a webpage, to an email address, or to another entry in the same database. This latter is useful especially if there are relevant past entries to the one being currently type. In my case, a sermon note from last year’s entries can still be referenced in a new one I am typing.


Advanced Diary also comes with a “Skin-feature”, that is, one can change its appearance and make it “blend” with your desktop if you so wish. Not everyone will find this feature useful. But even if one is not the type who would like to change the appearance of the software one is working with, the feature is a plus. It is better to have it and not use it, rather than find oneself looking for it and not finding it.

Below is a video of the other features of Advanced Diary that my screenshots were not able to cover. In the video I switch from the Ribbon Style interface of MSOffice to the Mixed Style.

Update, February 5, 2012

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