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Ten Words from Matthew 13

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I was going through my old blog posts at the Bible Workshop and found one about seminar held in 2008 for a group of future BEC leaders. The seminar was based on Matthew 13 and the modules revolved around ten concepts found in the chapter. Those ten concepts are actually ten keywords that can help anyone navigate through the content of the four gospels. I constructed the mindmap below to illustrate how these ten words shed light on the identity and mission of Jesus. The ten words, originally were the following:

  1. Gospel
  2. Kingdom of God
  3. Abba
  4. Repentance/Conversion
  5. Christ (christos, messiah, anointed)
  6. Parables
  7. Disciples
  8. Prophet (* Suffering Servant)
  9. Faith (Hope and Love)
  10. Jerusalem

In the mindmap, I have placed “Christ” at the center, and added “The Son”, a title based on Matthew 11:25-30, a passage which actually sheds light on the reason behind Jesus’ modus operandi of teaching exclusively in parables (cf. Mt. 13:34-35). The mindmap may be incomprehensible at first, but for someone who is familiar with the contents of Matthew 13, it should not be a problem. The summary of contents I present below the mindmap may help guide the reader. A much longer article on these ten words will be presented later.

In Matthew 13, we find Jesus, the Son (Mt. 11:25-30) revealing the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven/God by means of Parables. Like Isaiah the Prophet, Jesus words create two groups: those who will not repent and be converted, and the disciples — those to whom the secrets of the kingdom have been given. “No one knows the Father except the Son and those to whom He wishes to reveal Him,” Jesus had said. The disciples are the “little ones”, those whom Jesus calls “blessed” because it has pleased the Father — the Abba — to give them the Kingdom. They have a faith that listens to and practices the words of Jesus. They have received the seeds of the Gospel and are the ones who bear fruits of thirty, sixty and a hundred. The parables in Matthew 13 point to another parable, that of the tenants of the vineyard who refuse to give fruits to the owner of the vineyard and even go to the extent of putting the owner’s son to death — a figure of the kind of death Jesus himself will undergo in Jerusalem. It is not surprising then, that at the end of Matthew 13, Jesus is rejected by his own townsmates — a rejection that foreshadows the one that will occur in Jerusalem and end in his death.

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