How To Become a Priest II

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In a previous article, it was stressed that the priesthood is not a career or a profession like teaching or nursing that one chooses and enters into. It is a vocation, a state of life with particular duties and ...
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Discerning One’s Vocation

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You probably have read Rick Warren's "The Purpose-Driven Life."  From a Catholic point of view, what he did in and with that book is not new.  The Catholic equivalent of his "Purpose-Driven Life" seminars is called "Vocation Discernment" 

Greed, Envy and the Kingdom of God

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Today's gospel reading is best seen in the light of the readings from the two previous Sundays. Two Sundays ago we read about the one and the many: the one thing necessary as against the many things over ...
Fathers of the Church

John Chrysostom on the Parables of the Kingdom

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The following is my translation of John Chrysostom’s sermon on the parables of the treasure in the field, the pearl of great price and the dragnet that include the Parables of the Kingdom in Matthew 13. Note how the Golden-Tongued repeats ...
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Repost: An Insight into Love

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I was going through the web and found this entry I made in the old Bible Workshop. The article is called "An Insight Into Divine Love" and was posted on March 21, 2006. I am reposting it here because it ...
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Outlining A Bible Passage IV: Working on Themes

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Outlining A Bible Passage IV: Working on Themes
An outline of a bible passage is a summary for the close reading you make of a passage when you make a sentence flow of it. A well-made outline can serve one a lot of purposes later on, especially ...

The First Modern Man

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Someone has called him "The First Modern Man." Both Catholics and Non-Catholic Mainline Churches claim him as their own. Eastern Catholics number him among their "fathers" prompting a scholar to suggest that he be named "Common Father of the East ...
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Isaiah 35:4-7a is a prophetic oracle about the Peace that God will give to Israel at the time of its vindication. When the people who witnessed what Jesus did to the deaf-mute they said something that echoed this passage of ...
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How Does One “Konek Konek”? III

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The series of articles on this blog about "konek-konek" arose from a question regarding how certain pastors/popular preachers relate one passage of the Scriptures with another one. This phenomenon has its "Catholic" origins from the Fathers of the Church who ...

Mystical Geekery from January to August 2011

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Mystical Geekery from January to August 2011
I transferred all my blog articles from Squarespace to this server sometime in November of last year. Sometime in December, I installed a WordPress plugin that automatically reposts old blog articles everyday that I don't post an ...
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Retelling the Gospel: The Greatest Story Every Told

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In a previous blog, I have shown how a scene in the TV movie "Jesus of Nazareth" rewrites the gospel of Luke and provides us with an interpretation of the some themes found in the same gospel. In the ...
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Conscience in the Catechism of the Catholic Church

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Conscience in the Catechism of the Catholic Church
In 2004, Sen. Francisco Tatad, told everyone in the Senate Hall, that he was following his conscience in voting against opening the envelope believed to incrimate then Pres. Estrada in criminal acts. Recently, Sen. Miriam Santiago in ...
Church in the World

Militant Atheism and the Desecration of a Consecrated Host

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Catholics in the US are now in an uproar. The reason? A professed atheist and professor at one of their universities, desecrated a consecrated host and made a public show of it in his blog. The Confraternity of the Catholic ...

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