If Anyone Should Boast…

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If Anyone Should Boast…
vos estis in Christo Iesu qui factus est sapientia nobis a Deo et iustitia et sanctificatio et redemptio ut quemadmodum scriptum est qui gloriatur in Domino glorietur (1 Co 1:30)
Augustiniana, Spirituality

Augustine and Prayer

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This morning I gave a lecture on Augustine's idea of prayer at the CSA-BiƱan as part of the school's program in understanding Augustinian core values. During the course of the preparation for the talk, I looked at the way the ...
Christian Life, Vocation

Fathers Are Meant to be “Generative”

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"Fathers" are meant to exercise leadership by pointing out to others something valuable that is in them so that this valuable trait can be developed, such as a special talent or aptitude or skill. Such generosity and encouragement are marks ...

Old Drawings

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I had a project long ago before I got an internet connection and a scanner of illustrating some scenes from the Scriptures. I came up with two nice drawings and then forgot about it. Below is an image map of ...

Matthew: A Second Time Around

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Matthew: A Second Time Around
I was going through some of my archived posts from the Bible Notes website I used to maintain back in 2005 and found some articles on Matthew which may still come in handy this year, if they happen to coincide ...

A Small Tract that I almost Lost

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When I was still at the Colegio San Agustin-Bacolod (2002 or 2003?) I wrote a small tract entitled "Did someone attack your Church or ridicule your faith lately?" and distributed it within a zipped file called "". I put ...
Pop Culture, Theology

Evil and the Problem Thereof

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The refrain of a Black Eyed Peas' song goes
Magisterium, Scriptures

Waiting for the Message of the Synod

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Next Friday, it is hoped that the Message of the Synod will be made known. While we await the final document, Zenit and ScriptureSynod continue to publish updates on the ongoing providing us with the Inside Stuff as it were ...

Mother and Son

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August 27 and 28 are the feast days of St. Monica and St. Augustine, perhaps the two most well-known mother and son saints in the Catholic Church.  The image above is a depiction of a scene from the Confessions ...
Ministry, Scriptures

Preaching with the Bible

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Clipped from: (share this clip) Is it alright for a priest to bring a bible to the pulpit? Wouldn't everyone think that he is imitating non-Catholic pastors when he reads from the bible during the Mass?
BEC, Ministry

A Short Break from Vacation

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I am supposed to be on a two-week break beginning May 16, but because of a PREX seminar and an event at Maligaya VI, Bgy. San Vicente were scheduled today, I went back to Laguna yesterday. Our PREX seminar for ...
Church in the World, Magisterium

Contraception and Humanae Vitae

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Last July 25, the Catholic Church in the Philippines celebrated the 40th Year of Humanae Vitae with a rally at the University of Sto. Tomas campus.  The rally also had another purpose, that of formally declaring the Church’s opposition to ...
Church in the World

Christ In You The Hope of Glory (Col. 1,27)

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[embed][/embed] This is the official theme song of the Eucharistic Congress 2016 to be held in Cebu in January. The theme is based on Col. 1:27 which we Catholics understand to refer to Christ's mystical and sacramental presence with the ...

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